Is it just more fun and games from Ryan Garcia, for Ryan Garcia, or is “KingRy” serious concerning his retirement announcement? As fans may have read or heard by now, Garcia took to X (formerly Twitter) to “officially retire.”

Garcia, who we all know has been through the mill and has put his fans through the mill also, is currently being investigated by the NYSAC for his failed drug test after his April fight with Devin Haney.

Garcia has said from the get-go that he is innocent, that his supplements were “tainted,” and that he has been stitched up. With the NYSAC preparing its case and widely expected to hand Garcia a long suspension from the sport, Ryan has taken to social media.

“I’m officially retired,” he wrote some hours ago.

Before going into more detail, as follows:

“Mom has cancer……I’m being sued…….My supplements were tainted……Going through divorce…….Devin is asking for my victory to be taken away…….I’m getting hit with everything,” Garcia wrote. “Boxing will be all right without me….but sucks. It was fun in the game…..And it was fun to punch people.”

So, can we take Garcia’s retirement announcement as legit, or is Garcia merely in a bad place and has lashed out due to all he has gone through and is going through? Your guess is as good as mine. But Haney and his team are having none of it, saying to Garcia that he cannot retire when officially suspended for a long time in 48 hours.

“You’re running out of time,” Bill Haney wrote as directed to Garcia. “In 48 hours…..networks, promoters, and everybody trying to protect him, you’re going down with the ship.”

There are plenty of things to discuss here, but we do wait for the official decision from the NYSAC. Garcia, for now, though, is through with boxing.

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