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Ryan Garcia took to Instagram to thank DAZN and YouTube for not erasing the potentially embarrassing video of him dominating Devin Haney in their fight on April 20th. The New York State Athletic Commission subsequently ruled the fight a no-contest.

Garcia left his comments on this message: “DAZN Devin Haney’s Request to Fight Footage of Him vs. Ryan Garcia.”

Haney has since said that the reports of him contacting DAZN to ask them to delete the footage as “cap” were not true. Ryan, however, believes it to be accurate and praises DAZN and YouTube for refusing Haney.

Ryan Garcia Praises Platforms for Upholding Integrity

“Wow, thank you, DAZN, for not allowing that to happen. Bro tried to erase it off the internet. That’s crazy. Also, a request to YouTube,” said Ryan Garcia on Instagram, about his belief that Devin Haney attempted to have DAZN and YouTube delete footage of their fight on April 20th, which showed him getting worked over by Ryan Garcia. The New York State Athletic Commission has subsequently ruled the fight a no-contest.

Haney Denies Allegations

Haney’s rebuttal: “This is cap.”

The only way to discover whether Haney contacted DAZN and YouTube is if reps from those two platforms come forward to confirm or deny that they were requested to remove footage of the Haney-Garcia fight on April 20th.

Without them clearing up the confusion, Haney’s word against Ryan and fans must decide which of the two fighters to believe.

The Futility of Erasing the Past

Even if DAZN and YouTube did delete the footage, it’s too late because it would be the ‘Wack a Mole’ game where posters would continue to post the embarrassing footage of Haney’s defeat against Ryan with all the knockdowns.

No matter how often YouTube deleted the videos, new ones would spring up just as fast as that fight, and Haney wouldn’t be able to erase the reality of what happened that night.

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