It’s an absolute understatement to say Ryan Garcia is unpredictable, both in the ring and out of it. Right now the hottest, most talked about boxer in the world, “KingRy” is already looking at his next move. Fresh off his big upset win over Devin Haney, 25 year old Garcia finds himself showered with options as far as his next fight goes.

With Oscar De La Hoya saying loud and clear how Garcia now “calls the shots,” Garcia can be expected to use his huge star power when negotiating his next fight. And it just might be that Garcia fights an MMA star soon. Garcia said prior to his win over Haney that he would like to fight, amongst other people, including Terence Crawford and Sebastian Fundora, current UFC bantamweight champ Sean O’Malley.

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Now, O’Malley has said the fight can for sure happen, and Garcia has told O’Malley to get ready to “bleed” should he get it on with him.

“Rainbow CACA Brain wants to box. Be prepared to bleed, Rainbow,” Garcia wrote in a social media post.

O’Malley says that after two more impressive MMA wins, he will be “free to do whatever the f**k we want.” And O’Malley wants to box Garcia in what both men feel would be a huge event. Garcia, who we know says a heck of a lot, has also suggested he would fight O’Malley in an MMA rules bout.

“They told me you can do a boxing fight, 100 percent, if it makes us enough money,” O’Malley said when appearing on his TimboSugarShow podcast. “So the option’s there, it just has to be able to make enough money. But Ryan being a f****** freak like that, you need two A-sides to make a f****** Floyd [Mayweather]-Conor [McGregor] fight. I’m not there yet, I’ve still got to become bigger. I think he’s [Garcia] that crazy, he’s that good too. He probably trained hard. Some people have different genes. He’s going to make his money. Let’s see where he goes in the next two weeks.”

Everybody in the boxing world is eager to see where Garcia goes next, who he agrees to fight next. Again, Garcia has a ton of options, and maybe some fight fans will not be overly interested in seeing Garcia fight O’Malley, at least not until Garcia, 25-1(20) has fought the likes of Haney in a rematch, Tank Davis in a rematch, and one or two other guys.

But Garcia can call the shots as De La Hoya said, and if Garcia really does want a piece of O’Malley, he will likely get what he wants. How big would a Garcia crossover fight be? Whatever Garcia does next, it’s certain to be massive. Garcia is a superstar now, and his fanbase, big before the Haney fight, is nothing short of gargantuan.

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