The Amanda Serrano vs. Meinke and Jake Paul vs. Bourland fights are scheduled for Saturday, March 2, with the event starting at 7 p.m. ET, which is 12 a.m. UK time on Sunday. Watch live on DAZN!

Amanda Serrano is set to tangle with Germany’s Nina Meinke, in what’s being billed as the largest women’s boxing clash in Puerto Rican soil.

Serrano, standing tall with her Ring featherweight belt, didn’t mince words. “We’re here to do one thing, and that’s to throw down,” she declared, cutting through the fluff at the Distrito T-Mobile complex. Meinke, eyeing Serrano’s collection of belts, is here to shake things up, and Serrano knows it. “She’s no walk in the park; skilled, tough, and hungry. It’s going to be a scrap worth watching.”

The love affair between Serrano and Puerto Rico is a tale as old as time. The local hero, now a New York transplant, can’t help but be overwhelmed by the adoration from her homeland. “It’s like a dream,” she gushed, tipping her hat to MVP for setting the stage. “And having Jake Paul play second fiddle this time? I’m honored. This is my turf, after all.”

Jake Paul, usually the man in the spotlight, is taking a step back, all in the name of respect for Serrano. “It’s her show,” he insists, a gesture that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Serrano, while grateful, can’t help but feel the jitters. “It’s going to be an odd night, playing the waiting game while my friends duke it out. But when it’s go-time, I’ll be ready.”

Meinke, meanwhile, was all smiles as she accepted a peace offering from Serrano. “This is huge,” she beamed, clearly pumped about the opportunity to showcase her mettle in Puerto Rico. “The atmosphere, the energy, it’s all fuel for me. I’m here to make a statement.”

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Both fighters are staunch supporters of the 12×3 round format, a nod to equality in the sport. Meinke, no stranger to rigorous training, is all in. “It’s about action, not words. I’m proud to stand alongside Amanda in this fight for equality.”

Despite the odds stacked against her, Meinke remains undeterred. “Respect to Amanda, she’s top-notch. But don’t count me out. I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve. We’re going to show the world what women’s boxing is all about.”

The undercard isn’t lacking in drama either, with Jonathan ‘Bomba’ Gonzalez set to defend his title. Facing off against Rene Santiago, it’s more than a fight; it’s a battle for local bragging rights. “It’s been ages since I fought at home,” Gonzalez shared, his excitement palpable. “But I’m ready, and so is Santiago. We’re going to bring the house down.”

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Fight card

  • Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke; For Serrano’s IBF, WBA and WBO women’s world featherweight titles
  • Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland; Cruiserweight
  • Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Rene Santiago; For Gonzalez’s WBO world light flyweight title
  • Krystal Rosado-Ortiz vs. Gloria Munguilla; Women’s super flyweight
  • Javon Walton vs. TBA; Featherweight

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