Shakur Stevenson took to social media to continue making excuses for why he looked so awfully poor in his last performance. Fans few the excuse campaign by Stevenson, 26, as a continued effort on his part to gloss over his lack of talent to stand and fight without running, hoping to squeak out a decision.

The Controversial “Win”

Last November, Shakur won a controversial 12-round decision against Edwin De Los Santos to capture the vacant WBC lightweight title.

Many fans saw it as a gift decision given to the A-side fighter Shakur over a guy that he was supposed to beat with ease but was exposed in the same way he was in his fights against Robeisy Ramirez, Jeremiah Nakathilia, and Joet Gonzalez.

Fans aren’t buying the excuses by Shakur with his phantom injuries, and they’re fed up with his jogging around the ring endlessly in his fights. The whining he’s doing isn’t help, trying to whitewash what happened during his recent fight against Edwin De Los Santos.

Phantom Injuries and Endless Excuses

– Failed to rehydrate properly
– Mysterious and ailment
– Shoulder injury

Unfortunately, Shakur hasn’t produced any medical reports to verify the existence of his hand and shoulder injuries, which further makes it difficult for fans to take him seriously. With no actual medical reports to back the excuses Shakur is giving, he just sounds pathetic, like a classic example of a person who can’t accept responsibility for a failure.

Social Media Meltdown 

“Didn’t rehydrate properly, f*** up hand, f*** up shoulder, and won a world title on the same night,” said Shakur Stevenson on social media, giving his excuses for his poor performance against Edwin De Los Santos after his controversial 12 round decision win last November.

“I know I’m the best fighter in the sport. [No one] can beat me on the worst night of my life. How are you going to deal with this version of me [on] July 6th?” said Shakur.

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