Marcus Tomlinson believes that Queensberry team captain Hamzah Sheeraz will not only set the perfect example and get his team on the scoreboard with a win in the June 1st ‘5 v 5’ showdown with Matchroom, he also thinks that the unbeaten middleweight will rack up bonus points by knocking out Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams.

The unbeaten middleweight has been sparring Sheeraz as he prepares for his clash with Williams in Saudi Arabia. 

Tomlinson worked with Sheeraz during the initial stages of his training camp in Preston and the 27-year-old did well enough to be invited over to Dubai for the final few weeks of serious sharpening.

Since the very start of his career, Sheeraz has always been known for sparing no expense during his training camps and investing whatever it takes to improve himself. Tomlinson, 8-0 (2 KOs), is relishing being around an ultra professional environment and is taking in all he can. 

“We train at midday for a few hours. Everything is set up methodically. Everyone knows their place and everyone has got their role to play and it works for him,” he said on the VIP Bell 2 Bell Podcast. 

“Just watching him training with Ricky, they’ve got a very good bond and they know what to do and when to do it. I’m like a sponge soaking it up and taking it all in. I train hard myself so I can see the comparisons. I try to be as diligent as possible. Everything’s going well.”

The tall, imposing Sheeraz is a naturally aggressive fighter but is proving himself to be dangerous at all ranges. 

His jab has shown itself to be a potent weapon – Sheeraz dropped and hurt Liam Williams with the shot during his first round stoppage of the Welshman in February – and if a fighter does manage to close the distance and get inside Sheeraz’s jab, he also enjoys fighting at short range. 

Tomlinson is most impressed by the way Sheeraz incorporates the methodical approach he adopts outside the ring into his fighting style.

“He’s a very patient fighter. He’s very fit. They aren’t frenetic, high paced rounds. It’s a bit of a chess match,” he said. “I’m trying to work my way in and he sets a lot of traps. He has very long levers and he does hit really hard. I try not to take a lot of them because I’ve seen him hit and hurt a lot of people in sparring. He’s very patient and his shot selection is very good as well.

“People might doubt if he’s the real thing but you can definitely see he’s going places. Right to the top. It’s great experience for me because he’s asking me to come back. I must be doing something right.”

Tomlinson has already seen enough to make a confident prediction as to what will happen when Sheeraz takes on Williams in less than two weeks time.

“Honestly, I think he’ll do a demo job on him,” he said. “Three rounds, max. I’ve not seen much of ‘Ammo’ Williams to be fair. I’ve watched his last couple of fights and he’s looked OK but I think it could be a demo job.”

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