Errol Spence Jr. denies his fighter Frank Martin was drained-looking at the weigh-in on Friday for his title challenge of WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis this Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) and fans on social media remarked that Martin (18-0, 12 KOs) looked dried out as he killed himself to make weight for the fight. Spence, who is no stranger to being weight-drained, sees it as part of making weight, and he’s not alarmed at all.

Martin looked like he pushed himself to the brink to get down to the 135-pound limit, but that doesn’t mean he can’t rehydrate overnight and be at full strength on Saturday night. It depends on how well Martin, 29, can handle what he went through to lose all that weight.

Tank’s Risky Backflip

Tank took a big risk by doing a backflip at the weigh-in. He could have injured his knee or ankle by doing that, and he can’t afford to be doing backflips this close to a fight.

When Tank, 29, was being interviewed on stage by the female interviewer, he was asked if he would do a backflip, and I guess he chose to showoff for her.

“If you see me get emotional in the ring tomorrow after I get that W, it’s because of all the hard work and all the sacrifices. I’m coming on top tomorrow,” said Frank Martin to the media, giving his final words at the weigh-in on Friday.

If Martin wins, he’ll show the fans they were wrong about him, and he can get the last laugh with Tank. There’s a lot of money Martin can make if he’s victorious against Tank because there would be a rematch, and it would be much bigger than this one.

“He can’t even make weight. He’s been working for a minute to make weight,” said Gervonta Davis, talking about Martin. “It’s going to be crazy out there. So, I hope he’s prepared and been training hard. Tomorrow, it’s going to be a great night for the sport of boxing.

“No, he didn’t look drained. It’s part of weigh-ins,” said Errol Spence to Sean Zittel when asked if Frank Martin looked drained at the weigh-on today for his fight against Gervonta Davis on Saturday night.

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