Tyson Fury remains confident he’ll beat Anthony Joshua | Photo by Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Tyson Fury remains confident he’ll beat Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury still feels strongly that he’ll beat Anthony Joshua, and says he hopes the two will meet in a pair of fights that would send him into retirement.

Fury, who will face Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship on May 18, was in attendance on Friday in Riyadh to see Joshua demolish Francis Ngannou, against whom Fury struggled last October.

But he doesn’t believe that tells the story of how Fury vs Joshua would go.

“Boxing is a very difficult game, it’s changing all the time. Styles make fights, and his style is made for me,” Fury said. “When I’ve got through with ‘the rabbit’ [Usyk], then we go down for AJ. That’s the fight of Britain.

“Hopefully we do one fight in Saudi Arabia, and one fight at Wembley for a showdown forever, a closing off, a signing out for the ‘GK.’ Undisputed and done AJ, game over. Time to spend time with me wife and family after that, though.”

Asked by DAZN’s Kate Abdo if he hasn’t said that before, Fury laughed and admitted he has.

“Many, many times. I’m like a boomerang, I just keep coming back all the time!”

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