Subriel Matias, the IBF light welterweight champion, says his goal on Saturday night is to make challenger Liam Paro “suffer” to send a message to the other fighters in the 140-lb weight class.

(Credit: Amanda Westcott/Matchroom)

Matias (20-1, 20 KOs) vs. Paro (24-0, 15 KOs) will be shown live on DAZN this Saturday, June 15th, at the  Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu in Manati, Puerto Rico.

It’s an important fight for Matias, who wants to unify the division against one of the popular champions and impress his new promoter, Eddie Hearn. He hasn’t said who he’ll be next for the popular Puerto Rican fighter if he’s victorious on Saturday night.

None of the other champions have mentioned wanting to fight Matias, none of Hearn’s fighters in his stable have expressed interest in facing him. That’s not a good sign because it could mean that Matias will be stuck with a less well known opponent instead of the champions.

Paro has looked good in his recent fights, stopping Montana Love and Brock Jarvin. Those guys aren’t on the same level as Matias, though; neither possessed the same punching power as the IBF champion.

Matias, 32, will have the crowd on his side in this homecoming fight, and that’ll make him battle harder against the southpaw Paro.

“I want him to suffer and leave a strong message to the division. He also has a big mouth,” said Matias to Matchroom Boxing about his opponent, Paro, for Saturday night. “Once Paro is out of the way, I want to unify.

“We wouldn’t take the fight if we didn’t believe we could win it. We’re more than ready,” said Paro. “We’re the best team in the world. Are preps are the best that’s ever been. We’re going to be ready.”

Paro, 28, has every reason to believe he will win because he’s been dominating his opposition lately. None of the guys he’s faced have been competitive in his last two fights. If he can look like that against Matias, it could be a long night for him on Saturday.

“The crowds aren’t going to be fighting for him,” said Paro. “It’s going to be me and him squaring off in the center of the ring when the bell rings. I’m going to push that outside noise out. I’ve done that my whole career. Much respect to Matias, but I’m coming to take his belt.”

Paro will be too busy defending against all the incoming power shots rather than worrying about the crowd noise. Matias puts too much pressure on his opponents for them to focus on the crowd noise, and Paro is too much of a professional to be distracted.

“I’m living my dream, and I’m very confident that I can make it a reality that I can become a champion,” said Paro.

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