Terence Crawford claimed during this week’s kickoff press conference that he’s fought fighters that were just as elusive and strong as his August 3rd opponent, WBA junior middleweight champion Israil Madrimov, during his 16-year-old career. Sure, Terence. Sure.

I personally see Madrimov as too powerful, and too young for Crawford. Terence has gotten away with moving up divisions and immediately capturing world titles, but in this case, it’s a step too far.

Crawford’s resume must have a case of amnesia, as there isn’t anyone there who possesses the elusiveness and power of Madrimov.

Facing a Beast at 37

This could be the last round-up for Crawford going up against this beast, Madrimov (10-0-1, 7 KOs), who has that mini Golovkin vibe about him. Going up against this kind of puncher at 37, it ain’t good.

Terence is fresh off another nice long break for this fight, and he’ll be taking on the best fighter in the 154-lb division. This isn’t the type of match-up you take when you’re counting down for retirement.

At best, Crawford has maybe two fights left in him before retirement, and he could accelerate his time with the punishment he takes from Madrimov in their headliner at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.

“I consider Israil the best 154-pounder in the division right now so why not go for the top guy in the division right off the bat?” said Terence Crawford at the kickoff press conference for his fight against WBA light welterweight champion Israil Madrimov on August 3rd.

Where are These Mystery Fighters, Terence?

“He’s strong. I been fought strong people before. He’s got good footwork. I been fought people with good footwork before. Elusiveness. I been fought people that’s elusiveness,” Crawford continued.

Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) doesn’t give any names of fighters as strong or as slippery as Madrimov. He isn’t dropping any names. Is Crawford saying this for bluster, or is age starting to show from his long career, affecting his memory?

I don’t see anyone on Crawford’s resume that can be considered as powerful or as slick as Madrimov unless you count the washed version of Amir Khan that he fought in 2019. Khan wasn’t even moving in that fight and looked shot.

Is Crawford Feeling the Pressure?

“It’s be dictating what I like to do in the ring, and taking away the things he likes to do. Right now, I’m at 154. I’m going to make my mark where I’m at,” said Terence when asked if he’ll move up to 168.

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