Cody Crowley struggled to make himself heard inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center today, but he passionately stated that he had identified Jaron “Boots” Ennis as the fighter he wanted to meet for a world title.

Crowley challenges Philadelphia’s Ennis in his home city on July 13, at the Wells Fargo Center and Crowley was keen to address the mixed messages that have surrounded an Ennis-Crowley fight for months. 

“I’ve been out of boxing for the last year after people on my team done stuff, so I’ve been totally out,” said Crowley, who has not fought since a majority decision win over Abel Ramos in Las Vegas last March. “I’ve had people trying to negotiate on my behalf when I’ve been out. Then I tried to get back into boxing and I had an emergency double eye surgery, I got my eyes taken from me…”

With Canada’s Crowley getting heckled in Philly, he changed direction. 

“It takes two to tango and I am very, very excited to be here and I’m very excited to fight Boots Ennis. I’ve wanted to fight him for a while,” Crowley continued.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health. I haven’t wanted to live the last couple of years. Then my dad hung himself. When you have things happen to you, it takes time to get over it. It takes time to heal, come back and step up. So I went and did what I had to do and healed myself, and then I had people who weren’t on my team still negotiating for me. 

“I wanted to reach out to you [Ennis] and just DM and say, ‘How can we make this happen?’ I want to fight for a world title and if I fight for a world title there is one, two, three, four, I don’t know, five world titles, I want to fight the very best fighter in the world and I believe Jaron Ennis at 147 right now, you are that guy. 

“Why do I want to fight anyone else? I respect you. Jaron, I love you. I hope you have the best sleep Friday night to Saturday. I want the best you to show up, because I want to be there. The best me is gonna show up.

“I had WBC opportunities, WBA and WBO, and I chose you.

“How come world champions are moving from ’47 to ’54? How come former world champions won’t fight him for a certain amount of money? He’s got the crown. He’s the man right now.”

Then, with a nod to Philly’s most famous fictional fight character, Crowley said: “It’s a real-life Rocky story, man. I’ve been to hell and back. I’ve had my whole, entire life taken from me. I’m ready to die on July 13th. He has a man in front of him ready to die.

“I wanna tell my dad I love you. This one’s for you.”

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