Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia sit face to face for an interview with Chris Mannix. | Photo by Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/Getty Images

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia headlines on PPV, April 20.

Ahead of their April 20 fight on DAZN PPV, Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia sit down for a face off interview hosted by Chris Mannix, as the pair discuss their impending battle. Unlike some of their recent face to face meetings, this one had a different tone as it was largely amicable banter despite both fighters expressing their confidence in getting the win.

“100%, this is the best I’ve felt,” Garcia said. “I’m feel like I’m coming into myself and I think I’m at the top of my game right now…I think this is my time, my moment. He has the crown right now, WBC crown, and I’m ready to go get it.”

Both fighters would then recall stories from their amateur fights, having split six meetings over that portion of their careers, before Haney was asked what kind of threat he believes Garcia poses.

“We gotta see,” Haney said. “Styles make fights. I feel like I’m levels above him. I feel like he hasn’t fought on that elite level, but when he did, he quit. Whether he want to admit it or not, the world watched him take a knee, the world watched him Colin Kaepernick. So at the end of the day, what has he really done on the elite level?”

Garcia would also mention that he believes this fight will surpass the PPV buys that his fight with Gervonta Davis did, which would make it a clear blockbuster if possible.

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