Oscar De La Hoya believes the time is right for Jaime Munguia to stake his claim with a win over Canelo. | Photo by Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/Getty Images

De La Hoya says Munguia needs to study Canelo’s footwork to have the biggest advantage in their showdown.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks to Fight Hub TV about the process of making a Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia fight and why he thinks this is the right time for Munguia to make his mark and take the torch from Canelo. Check out some of what De La Hoya had to say about making the fight and how Munguia should approach it below.

De La Hoya on striking a deal with Canelo and PBC for a Munguia fight

“A lot was going on with PBC, with Amazon, whether Canelo was going to go back to DAZN. We just literally came all together like a happy family and made this happen. Look, obviously Canelo wasn’t going to fight Charlo. That would’ve been a disaster. Canelo wasn’t going to fight Benavidez for some strange reason.

“But our plan worked and we used some of that psychology and Jaime Munguia got the Canelo fight. So we’re all happy, we’re excited…Jaime Munguia’s career was built on this moment and I think he’s going to seize it.”

On if his acrimonious relationship with Canelo made it difficult to reach a deal

“No. There was obviously a lot of animosity so you can imagine the negotiations. I have my front people dealing with the other side because obviously I can’t speak to (PBC) directly — I think I’m a threat or something, I don’t know.

“We made it happen and that’s all that matters and counts, and I think Amazon, DAZN, PBC, and Canelo Promotions, and Munguia, and Golden Boy — we all made it happen and that’s what I keep preaching, is that ‘let’s all work together to make these big fights happen.’”

On if PBC attempted to cut him out of the fight promotion

“There was all kinds of shit but we cleared everything up, cleared everything up. The went ‘oh, Oscar can’t be part of it.’ Fuck you guys, you know? What are you talking about, this is my company. It’s Golden Boy, how can I not be there? So a little push, little tug, you know, we got it all done and I promised myself I will not let my ego get in the way but I want to be here for this one so I had to push back.”

On Munguia taking this fight at this point in his career

“I really do think it’s the perfect, perfect opportunity. It literally is. When I was watching John Ryder and Munguia up close and personal, you have Freddie in the corner for the first time, you saw a different Munguia from previous outings where he was on his toes more, he was using his jab more, he was patient…so now Freddie Roach can work on his defense, on his combination, on his jab, and that’s going to be key.

“We couldn’t wait any longer. There are fans saying ‘he’s almost 50-0, when is he going to step up?’ Well, this is it. Here you go…we know when he’s ready, we know when he’s not, that’s our job. He is ready. He is positioned right now, this is his moment, this could be the changing of the guard on Cinco de Mayo.”

On Munguia’s key to beating Canelo

“It’s all about footwork because, look, you have a guy who’s 33, 34, and then you have a young guy who’s 25, 26. So, yeah, obviously he’s younger, his legs are fresher, he can take a punch better, although Canelo does have a good chin. But when you have all that wear and tear under your belt, the armor tends to bend a little at that stage. So I have to go with my guy, with Munguia.

“If they go to war, if they go at it for 12 rounds, I’m going to have to go with the younger guy because I think Freddie Roach has gotten Munguia in a position where he can box, if he wants to he can stay outside and use his jab and combinations. Look at Canelo’s footwork — obviously I’ve said it all along — he moves like he’s on quicksand. So if you study his footwork you can easily win that fight, ‘cause every time Canelo comes forward you know he’s going to throw something.

“There’s a lot of little things that I’ve seen from the outside-in that obviously I’m going to go into Munguia’s camp and help him out and give him some advice…there’s a lot of things that’s going our way, going Munguia’s way that can give him the chance of winning this fight.”

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