Tim Tszyu drops in for a repartee with Keith Thurman during a live stream. | Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Keith Thurman claims Tim Tszyu has never faced a fighter as hungry as he is, causing Tszyu to scoff at the notion.

Keith Thurman spent some time being interviewed by Shawn Porter to discuss his upcoming fight with Tim Tszyu, with Tszyu making an impromptu appearance to crash the virtual party.

Both Thurman and Tsyzu spent a chunk of time having some fun and taking verbal jabs at one another, culminating in Tszyu calling out Thurman for saying he’s a hungry fighter. Check out that exchange with the full video segment above.

“Listen man, most people don’t know shit about boxing. I guess that means you too, Tszyu. ‘I’m a clubber, I’ma club him,’ Thurman said, mocking Tsyzu’s style. “Boxing, baby. That’s the sweet science.”

“My last fights I haven’t been hit, man,” Tsyzu would respond. “I walked out fresh. What are you talking about?”

“That’s what I’m saying, they picked some nice fights for you,” Thurman replied. “Them dudes ain’t hungry like me, bro.”

“Hungry?! You’ve been on a fuckin’ vacation for five years. Hungry? What are you talking about, man?” Tsyzu shot back.

All in all, both fighters talked their fair share of trash but still kept things respectable and had laughs with one another along the way. Once the bell rings, however, all jokes will go out the window.

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