By Gavin Howie: If ever there was a fight that needed little introduction, this is it.

There are four major world title belts in every weight division in the world of boxing, and many more minor versions. Tonight, we will see all 4 of the major world title belts up for grabs in the heavyweight division which is the pinnacle in sports for the first time in 25 years.

Whether it to be coincidense or not, the last heavyweight undisputed world title fight was between a career heavyweight against a former cruiserweight world champion – Lennox Lewis v Evander Holyfield, with the first match ending in a controversial draw before Lennox Lewis unified in the rematch. Another confidence again but we are guaranteed a second fight with both boxers having already signed up to a rematch.

We may not see another undisputed heavyweight world title fight for many years to come, and even the rematch will not have all bets up for grabs due to the usual boxing politics, so this fight for all the marbles should be enjoyed for all that it brings.

As is the case with most high-profile sporting events, there is very little to pick between the 2 going to battle later tonight, and most, if not all predictions from the media and bookmakers are struggling to pick the winner, so I will give my prediction where no fence is involved.

There is always an element of timing involved along with may other factors and I think the Fury camp were relieved the cut had postponed the original date of this fight which gave Fury more time to sharpen his arsenal following his lacklustre display against Francis Ngannou.

Usyk is no mug and has an exceptional amateur record along with an outstanding professional record, but 1 thing is not up for debate, and that is – he is not a natural heavyweight and Tyson Fury is, and then some!

Usyk is giving away 6 inches in height, 7 inches in reach, and nearly 3 stone in weight.

Both are closely matched in skillset, but all the advantages aside from that clearly lie with the Gypsy King.

Usyk has had some trouble in his short heavyweight professional career which has only been five fights long and in his heavyweight fights he has had 2 tough, but close victories against Anthony Joshua, 1 close toe-2-toe scrap with Derek Chisora, and a controversial victory over Daniel Dubois in which Usyk went down for what was called as a low blow for well longer than 10 seconds and later went on to get the victory.

Tyson Fury is very much up and down both in life and boxing and has hit the canvas many times in the sport, but he gets up each and every time, and wins.

I think we have a very close match-up, but I predict Fury to win by late stoppage or close points decision. This will be a very technical match and not a one-sided blowout by any stretch of the imagination, but I firmly believe there is one man here who will do everything he can to win, and that man is Tyson Fury.

Enjoy this while we can as there may not be another heavyweight unification world title fight for far longer than the 25 years we have already waited for this one!

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