More than just a boxing gym!

Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions recently announced its future plans to expand worldwide starting in 2016 to over 100 cities! In partnership with our sponsors, we will be taking our amateur events to four different cities annually for the Tournament Series which will advance to the Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions Championship with the awarded destination at the end of each year.

Our History

Sugar Bert began boxing as a young adult in the sunny state of Florida. His skills and dedication led him to winning the Golden Gloves and the opportunity to train with super stars like Sugar Ray Leonard, and Treveor Berbick. Shortly after Sugar Bert moved to Georgia to further his boxing career his daughter was born. Her birth made him focus more on being a father and a provider, and less on being a boxer. Soon after, Bert hung up the gloves.


Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, the Sugar Bert Boxing Promotions World Championship Series, will attract thousands of amateur boxers, coaches, and families annually for years to come. We look to increase exposure to up and coming amateur boxers.

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