No, your weight for competition at Championship will be declared upon surrender of your IBA/ USA passbook at check-in.



Yes, please let a staff member know at check-in of your needs. 


Open face headgear is required for Junior, Youth, & Elite divisions. Masters must wear AIBA/USAB approved Masters headgear. All other divisions may wear cheek protectors. 


All Masters bouts, tournament or matched, will consist of 3 rounds 1.5 minutes in duration.


Athletes will only weigh-in and have a pre-bout medical exam on the day they compete. 


Valpeau or gauze & tape are the only permissible wraps for competition.



No, zero-tolerance will be given for an athlete being overweight for the weight category in which they are entered into the tournament.



Yes, all coaches will receive credentials at check-in which must be worn in the field of play at all times. 



No, all athletes will compete no more than once in a 24 hour period.



Athletes are required to wear loose fitting trunks with a contrasting waistband and a sleeveless boxing shirt. The trunks may not have flaps, sequins, finges, or be gladiator/ thai in style. No part of the athlete’s uniform may have nicknames, phrases, slogans, or tape of any kind. 



Yes, however no profanity or obscene images can be displayed on the mouthguard.



No competition gloves will be provided, all other equipment will be the responsibility of the athlete.



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