"Super Bowl Champion Jimmy Ferris explains in his words how organized, and how much fun to expect when attending a Sugar Bert Boxing Vegas In Atlanta professional boxing show. "
Jimmy Ferris
Super Bowl Champion
"Harlingen Mayor Norma Sepulueda explains the benefit of having a Sugar Bert Boxing WBC Green Belt amatuer event in the valley of Texas. "
Norma Sepulueda
Harlingen Mayor
"I truly believe that the fighters of today don't fight as often as we did when we were amateur, which made us better, seasoned fighters. Now Sugar Bert has come in with something to give fighters more opportunitites and experience. You can't come in to professional boxing with only 10 amateur fights. I fought 164 fights as an amateur before I turned professional. People ask me "how did you become so great?", amateur boxing!"
Evander Holyfield
Boxing Legend
"This is an incredible undertaking by Sugar Bert. His tournaments bring fighters in from all over the country, so they're able to offer the best competition out there!"
John Brown
Former USA Boxing President
"The thing about Sugar Bert Boxing is bringing people in from all over the nation, giving them an opportunity to compete for a belt. Also, being able to expose amateurs to different kinds of styles, coaching, venues, and cities. SBBP tournaments are well administered and very professionally ran. Without events, we don't have a sport. There are a hand-full of tournaments that these kids can compete at, and Sugar Bert has 3-4 happening each year. Such an incredible achievement by Sugar Bert!"
DJ Walton
Former USA Boxing VP
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