Sugar bert Rankings

WBC Amateur Rankings

Sugar bert Rankings

WBC Amateur Rankings


The ranking system is based on your performance.  


    1. By participating in Championship Series
    2. Winning one of the Tournaments
    3. Being invited to the Championship (Champion vs Champion) at the end of each year
    4. Winning your match championship bout are how we determine your ranking.

All boxers will be ranked based upon the end results for that calendar year.  Since there are multiple events per year, the rankings do not carry over from event to event.  It may be possible in the future, but at the time rankings are based per event.  As brackets get larger we can create a system where winning multiple events can determine your rank (points system).


    1. The SBBP Ranking Director, SBBP Tournament Director, and SBBP Official In Charge “OIC” determine the overall rankings.  As events for 2023 tournaments take place, boxers will be ranked accordingly prior to 2024 Series and Championships.  
    2. Benefits of being ranked by SBBP opens the opportunity for you to become part of the SBBP Boxing Team, be awarded sponsorship stipends, and receive sponsorships.
    3. SBBP rankings do not affect your USA Boxing rank, and USA Boxing rank does not affect your SBBP rank.
    4. Top ranked boxers will be awarded products in the Pee-Wee, Bantam, Junior, Youth/Elite division.  Our goal is to eventually create a SBBP Elite Team and be able to award stipends towards trips for USA Boxing National tournaments paid by sponsors.
    5. USA Boxing has fully approved of the SBBP ranking system. Being invited to the Championship (Champion vs Champion) at the end of each year.


There will be eight (8) WBC Title Belts awarded to the best boxer
in the following divisions: Pee-Wee, Bantam, Intermediate, Junior, Youth, Elite, Female and Masters. Those whom compete and win will receive a Title Belt from Title Boxing and a WBC medal. All unopposed or runner –up boxers at this qualifier will receive either a T-shirt, Title wraps, or free access to the next tournament.


To earn a WBC Title Belt, a boxer must meet the following 


    1. The boxer must be declared the winner at a 2023 Sugar Bert
      Boxing event (i.e.: Sugar Bert Qualifier, Green Belt Championship Series).  Events are listed on www.sugarbertboxing.com
    2. The boxer must be ranked with Sugar Bert Boxing.
      Rankings are posted on www.sugarbertboxing.com
    3. The boxer must be ranked nationally with USA Boxing.
      Boxer can only earn ranking points at a USA Boxing approved ranking event. For more information on the USA Boxing Rankings refer to www.usaboxing.org. Boxers whom are non-citizens are an exception to this requirement.
    4. The boxer must have competed in 15 or more bouts, walkover bouts are included. Master boxers are an exception to this requirement.
    5. The boxer will be independently evaluated based on
      his/her performance. The boxer must dominate the bout by using technical and tactical superiority, competitiveness, and have sportsmanship.

WBC presentations are held on Championship Sunday; eligible boxers
must be present. Boxers who are crowned with a WBC Title Belt must compete at the 2023 WBC World Championship. The boxer will compete against another boxer at the agreed weight class. The winner will be crowned the WBC USA Amateur Champion and will be eligible for future opportunities, such as:


    1. Attend a training camp with one of the WBC Professional
    2. Receive ticket(s) to one of the WBC World Champions Title
    3. Receive WBC gear
    4. Travel to a location where WBC Cares Amateur tournaments are
      being held (International travel will require a passport)

Selection Process is at the discretion of the Bert Wells and the 
selected members of the board. If you have any questions regarding the WBC selection process, you may contact Sugar Bert Customer Service at 770.833.7888.


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