Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams predicts a “brutal knockout” win over Hamzah Sheeraz this Saturday night in their middleweight contest on the 5 vs 5 event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A Stark Difference in Experience

‘Ammo’ Williams (16-0, 11 KOs) says Queensberry captain Sheeraz (19-0, 15 KOs) will understand that there are levels to the sport on Saturday night. He feels that the 25-year-old Sheeraz hasn’t fought anyone remotely similar to him during his career, which is a fair statement.

If there’s any criticism one can make about Sheeraz, it’s that his opposition has been abysmal during his seven-year professional career. He’s fought 19 lower-level fighters without stepping up to world-class until now.

The only somewhat notable opponent on Sheeraz’s resume is Liam Williams, a past his best 154-pounder, who is a fish out of water fighting at 160.

A Brutal Knockout Incoming?

“I think he’s not really understanding what he’s going to be in for, which is tough because out of 19 fights, he’s not fought anyone, not even anyone similar to me,” said Ammo Williams to Charlie Parson’s YouTube channel, talking about his fight this Saturday night against Hamzah Sheeraz in Riyadh.

Obviously, Sheeraz has fought no one similar to Ammo Williams during his career, but that’s easy to say because he’s just now cutting his teeth for the first time against world level opposition in this fight.

We don’t know how Sheeraz is going to performance, but it’s not ideal to take this kind of a step up without first taking intermediate-level opponents to prepare.

If Ammo does knockout Sheeraz in a “brutal” manner, his promoter Frank Warren will need to bring him back slowly, and match him correctly to better-prepare him to fight the A-level oppsition.

“On Saturday night, he’ll understand two minutes into the fight that there are different levels to boxing. It’ll be brutal. A brutal knockout. Ammo Williams flattens Hamzah Sheeraz. That’s what’s going to happen. The world is going to see who I truly am, and they’ll be able to say nothing but praises,” said Williams with his prediction.

Sheeraz has looked like a world-beater against the second-tier opoisition his promoters have fed him. Who knows? Maybe he can do the same thing to Ammo on Saturday night, which would be impressive.

It’s a tough for me to see that scenario playing out because Sheeraz’s opposition thus far has been gawdawful, and they’re not going to be any help to what he’ll be dealing with on Saturday night against Ammo, who is adopting the “Tiger” persona now.

Ammo Embraces His Inner Tiger

“I’m coming out of this fight, Austin ‘Tiger’ Williams. I’m a tiger. I put blood, sweat, and tears discovering who I am,” said Williams. “You’ll see me fighting, and you’ll see the resemblance [to a tiger]. Now that I’m getting more seasoned and settled into my craft, which is really war. These things are unveiling themselves to me, and this is why I’m able to wear this tiger tail.”

It would be a good idea for Ammo not to pounce on Sheeraz like a tiger on Saturday night because he hits too hard, and will take him out if he fights in an out-of-control, reckless manner against him. If Ammo had more power, maybe he could get away with tearing into Sheeraz right away, but he’s more of a medium-level puncher, who picks his shots.

“That’s why I’m able to do this. We had some days in the gym where I was doing some unbelievable things, and that’s because who I am has grown. That’s a couple of variables why I wear the tail, and I wear it proudly,” said Williams.

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