Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams says he’s going into his fight with Queensberry Team captain Hamzah Sheeraz with everything in his soul, gunning for a knockout in their twelve-round middleweight contents this Saturday night, June 1st, live on DAZN PPV in Riyadh.

Ammo’s All-Out Approach

Ammo Williams (16-0, 11 KOs) feels this is a fight that he can give “everything.”  because the risk to reward is high for him going up against the highly touted Sheeraz (19-0, 15 KOs).

Many fans believe the 6’3″ Sheeraz will have too much firepower for Ammo, who will blow him out of the water like he’s done with his last four opponents. If that power is real, Williams might not last long if he’s unable to get out of the line of fire.

The Matchroom-promoted Ammo Williams, 28, has made many improvements in his game since 2022, and his power has improved. He’s knocking everyone out and looking destined for world title honors. It’s tough draw for Ammo to be going up against Sheeraz instead of a softer target.

A Different Fight, A Different Mindset

“I trained for him like he’s the most dangerous fighter in the world, and it’ll be a completely different fight I take to Hamzah Sheeraz. I have something to gain from this fight,” said Ammo Williams to DAZN Boxing about his clash against the Queensberry Team captain, Hamzah Sheeraz, this Saturday night.

Hamzah is the biggest puncher Ammo Williams has faced, so it makes sense for him to have trained like he’s the “most dangerous fighter” on planet Earth because he might be, at least as far as the middleweight division goes.

“When I fought Armel Mbumba-Yassa, it was everything for him to gain,” said Williams. “It wasn’t a time for me to be reckless. It wasn’t a time for me to take huge risks right off the bat. I had to box him, I had to show my skill and pick him apart properly becasue that was a stepping stone for me.

“This fight here, I can show it everything. I can give it everything. It’s everything for us both to gain,” said Ammo.

Sheeraz is not someone that Ammo can afford to be reckless against because he’s a better fighter than his last opponent by far, and he’ll take advantage of Williams if he fights carelessly. He must box Sheeraz, pick his spots, and wait for openings to land his right-hand bombs.

So, the risk-reward is at a high level. I can give it all I got and give it 100%. It’s not me saying, ‘Hamzah doesn’t have anything to offer me. Let me just get through this fight and knock him out,’” said Williams.

A Knockout for the Ages

“No. I’m going with everything in my soul to get this victory in a spectacular fashion,” said Williams.” I’m talking about a knockout. I’m talking about the best knockout the world has ever seen.”

Ammo has got good power, but he’s not a huge knockout artist for him to be focusing on scoring a highlight reel KO of Sheeraz. Against this kind of fighter, it’s better that Williams boxes and not putting himself at risk of getting clipped.

“This is 100% Ammo Williams. Everything I’ve ever done since the first day I was born up to this point will be on display,” said Williams.

“That’s something I discussed with Hamzah during our face-off. He said, ‘This is just a sport,’ and I said, ‘Dude, this is not just a sport. This is my being. This is my soul. This is every second that I’ve been here on planet Earth that is going to be displayed on June 1st. So, I hope he’s ready for that,” said Ammo Williams.

If it doesn’t work for Ammo, hopefully, he isn’t too crushed by the loss and will not let the defeat undermine his self-confidence and ruin his career.

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