Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, looked furious today, labeling Ryan Garcia a “cheater” after learning that the popular star’s B sample results have reportedly been revealed to have tested positive for the banned PED Ostarine, the same as A sample results.

“Ain’t Nothing Funny” About Garcia’s Positive Test, Ramifications to Follow

Earlier today, boxing analyst Dan Rafael revealed on X that Ryan’s B sample results were positive for Ostarine, and he said the New York Commission will hold a meeting in the summer to decide on Garcia’s situation.

Bill talked of the “ramifications” of Ryan’s positive test, which suggests to some that they’re going to pursue this legally. That won’t change what fans saw last April.

“Ain’t nothing funny what the Garcia Team and what Ryan Garcia did. Expect something serious. There’s ramifications in this,” said Bill Haney on social media, reacting to the news of Ryan Garcia’s B sample coming back positive for Ostarine.

“You don’t violate no Haney. We signed up for a fair fight and didn’t get it. He’s a cheater,” Bill continued, talking about Ryan Garcia. “Devin represents being a clean fighter, not cheating, not using steroids, not being a bad example to the kids.

“Make sure you keep the sport clean, and we’re going to make sure we bring some closure to this very, very bad thing that the Garcia team did and it ain’t funny. We ain’t playing. What are the kids supposed to thing that it’s okay to use PEDs? Come on, man. Let’s do better with this sport. Let’s take it serious,” said Bill.

Haney’s Loss and Vulnerability Exposed

That loss will be there in fans’ minds, and Haney will have the same problems in terms of his chin when or if he ever faces another puncher.

Up until the fight with Ryan, Haney’s management had done a good job of matching him against non-punchers his entire professional career. The only time they put Haney in with a puncher, it was an older fighter, 35-year-old Regis Prograis, who had had a size advantage against last December.

Ryan wiped out Devin, exposing many of the same things past fighters had done, showing that Haney’s punch resistance is weak, clinches a lot, and lacks power. That won’t change with Ryan being suspended, fined, or sued.

Ryan dominated the previously unbeaten Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) on April 20th, winning a 12-round majority decision in a fight that many felt should have been stopped in the seventh round due to Devin being dropped four times in the round at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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