Devin Haney’s papa/trainer, Bill Haney, took a verbal shot at promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. today in reacting to Ryan Garcia’s B sample testing positive for Ostarine.

Four PEDs?

Bill wants to know if Mayweather was the “middle man” for Ryan Garcia getting the PED that he tested positive for. He also claimed that Ryan tested positive for “four PEDs” for his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Haney for their fight on April 20th, which is news to a lot of boxing fans because they’d only heard about Kingry testing positive for one PED, Ostarine.

Bill is all over the place today, giving interviews left in right, reacting to the reports of Ryan Garcia’s B sample reportedly being positive. However, Ryan’s legal team have made a statement saying they had a hair follicle test done and it came back negative.

Who are the fans to believe at this point? Do they go with the hair follicle test that came up negative or focus on the urine that came up positive?

Bill Haney’s Mayweather Meltdown

“Floyd Mayweather, come out of them bushes hiding and playing and capping,” said Bill Haney on social media, fingering promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. as being the master-mind behind Ryan Garcia’s win over Devin on April 20th.

“On April 20th, you was skinning and grinning from ear to ear. You was happy to tell the world about the 3.2 lbs that you helped Ryan Garcia come in overweight with. Now that he tested positive for four PEDs, now you want to head for the hills and go quiet like you in Dubai somewhere.

“Well, I’m going to tell you, Floyd, wherever you’re at, what we and the world want to know is. We know you were the middle man to Ryan Garcia’s, but what we want to know is are you the middle man to the steroids?” said Bill.

The Haney Hustle: Where’s the Win?

With the conflicting tests, urine vs. hair follicle, it’s difficult for boxing fans to know which of them to believe. If the science clears, Ryan, what are you going to do?

The New York State Commission will have to decide, and if they ban Ryan, where’s the gain for Haney? I’m trying to understand how Haney comes out ahead. The money fight is a rematch with Ryan. Where’s the victory for Haney if Ryan is suspended for one to two years?

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