Devin Haney’s dad, trainer Bill Haney, was on his soapbox today, trashing Ryan Garcia after the news about Ryan Garcia’s B sample turning up positive for the banned PED Ostarine for his April 20th victory over Devin.

Bill looked like he just got a new spring to his step, dumping on Ryan Garcia, calling him a “Junkie” and a “disgrace,” saying he’s an “alcoholic” and using IVs.

Ryan Garcia’s Defense

Ryan’s situation still remains to be seen. His legal team made a statement today about how he had a hair follicle test that came back negative.

They believe his positive PED test for Ostarine last April as potentially being caused by supplement contamination. As they can find the smoking gun, Ryan will be in the clear, and a lot of fans, members of the media, and Bill will have to admit they got it wrong.

It appears Bill wants to use Ryan’s positive PED test to resurrect Devin’s image, which has taken a massive hit since his 12-round majority decision loss to Ryan last April.

He was dominated in that fight and lucky to survive the seventh round after being dropped four times. Surprisingly, the referee only counted one of them and even gave him a time-out by penalizing Ryan without warning for hitting on the break. That was one of the poorest ref jobs I’ve seen from a referee in a long time.

Bill Haney’s Harsh Words

The man is a disgrace to the sport. He’s never been a champion. He’s treating it like it’s a joke,” said Devin Haney’s dad, Bill Haney, to Fighthype, slamming Ryan Garcia over his positive B sample test for Ostarine today.

“To go into it because you’re so scared that you would try to use drugs and an IV for an edge. Worse person in the world that everybody that supports him, they’re terrible too,” Bill continued with his trashing of Ryan Garcia.

“The man was terrible. He was tapering off the drugs. He was cycling on, cycling off. He was using it. The man is a drug cheat. He said, ‘I love steroids,’” said Bill Haney, remarking on a comment that Ryan sarcastically said on X today, but he obviously wasn’t serious with that remark.

“The man’s a junkie, alcoholic. The man came with an extreme advantage when it came to losing and hydrating back up,” said Bill about Ryan. “He did that on dope. Dev was clean, and he [Ryan] couldn’t stop him. Yeah, he knocked him down [x 3], and he’s on dope. So imagine if he wasn’t on dope. The man’s a junkie.

“His mom and his daddy, they’re disgraced because they stood up for him, and they made excuses. The man’s a junkie,’ said Bill, sounding like a broken record, repeating over and over.

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