The Ryan Garcia saga continues. With the most controversial figure in the sport right now having seen his B sample come back positive, this after his A sample tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine, Garcia is still adamant he did nothing wrong, that he has pretty much been “set up.” But is anyone buying this? Certainly, Devin Haney and his father Bill are not buying Garcia’s claims of being innocent.

Garcia’s people put it out there that a hair sample of his came back negative – the same way Canelo Alvarez’ hair sample cam back clean when the Mexican star was battling to clear his name after being accused of taking Clenbuterol. But apparently Ostarine doesn’t show up in hair follicles, so that’s that null and void. Garcia has to prove his innocence, not merely proclaim it.

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And Bill Haney not only wants his son’s decision loss to Garcia overturned, he also wants Garcia “out of the sport.” Haney says Garcia should be banned, for good.

“He says he loves steroids, and he takes steroids, and he’s taking Ostarine,” Haney said when speaking with TMZ Sports. “There’s nothing you can do with this guy but get him out of the sport. I feel undermined to sign up to do this and for him to make a mockery of the sport. Ryan violated every known rule of conduct. He said he bet on the fight, but openly knowing he was cheating. So, he was cheating and betting. He shouldn’t have had the Ostarine in his system at all, but he did.”

It really is a shame the way Garcia, who has true superstar potential, has spoiled his great win over Haney. Also, regardless of whether or not the loss gets overturned, how much of a beating did Haney take in the April fight and will he ever be the same guy again? We just don’t know. Garcia doesn’t seem too bothered about the possibility of him being banned from boxing (and his attitude is a big part of the problem here), as he says that if this did happen he would simply “walk away from this boxing and create my own league.”

It seems Garcia thinks he is bigger than the sport. Again, what a shame all of this has happened. Who knows what the future holds for Garcia and for Haney.

A lifetime ban for Garcia – agree or disagree?

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