Devin Haney’s dad, Bill, is talking crazy again, throwing around “kill’ comments about what he wants Devin to do when he defends his WBC light welterweight title against Ryan Garcia on Saturday night in New York.

Bill sounds like he’s officially lost it, wanting Devin to straight-up “kill” Ryan Garcia on Saturday night. The old guy needs to lighten up and let the more even-tempered Devin do some talking for once.

Tank Davis: Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Bill says he wants Gervonta Davis next for Devin after he’s victorious against Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs). Tank is a guy that Bill has spent the entire promotion talking about wanting, and he seems obsessed with the thought of Devin fighting him, which it doesn’t look good.

Papa Haney has got this weird fixation with Tank Davis, wanting him bad for Devin.  I hate to break this to Bill, but that fight ain’t happening unless Haney magically drops 20 pounds. Gervota isn’t going to fight a guy who looks like he should be fighting at light heavyweight, weighing 170 lbs.

Bill needs to forget about Tank Davis fantasy thing that he’s got floating around his head becaue it’s not happening. Haney won’t agree to a strict 10-lb rehydration clause and sure won’t accept a catchweight of 136 lbs. The guy likes his water.

Without Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) agreeing to the weight stipulation that Tank Davis will be asking for, the fight isn’t going to happen because the Baltimore native ain’t going to want to fight a rehydrated 170-lb Devin and be outweighed by 20 lbs.

Look, Bill, We Get It

“At first, I wanted Devin to go beat him, but now I want him to kill him,” said Bill Haney to the media today about what is in store for Ryan Garcia when he fights Devin Haney on Saturday.

It’s fine that you want a knockout for your son, Bill, but this “kill” stuff and psycho dad routine is way overdoing it. Let Devin do his thing. Bill needs to zip it. He needs to simmer down and let Devin’s skills speak for him on Saturday.

“Do everything in his power to kill him for all his disrespect. In New York, there’s no better place to do it and get away with it. A legal homicide. The guy who calls himself TBE [Floyd Mayweather Jr.] said Ryan was one of the three faces [of boxing].

“We definitely can’t get Canelo, and Tank Davis is running from us. We’re left with the next person on the list, Ryan Garcia. We’re going to chop his head off, and then we’re going to go look for Tank. No, we’re going to wait on Tank, because you can’t go look for Tank. That’s what they said, right?

Devin Doesn’t Need Your Help

“I got the best fighter in the world [Devin], so my voice is a lot louder than it used to be. It just means his fat a** is going to get beat up more,” said Bill when told that Ryan might fail to make weight on Friday.

“We want to put him [Ryan Garcia] in the rearview mirror. Not just for us but for boxing in general. So a dominant performance the way we plan on doing it, it’s going to secure what we want,” said Bill.

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