Devin Haney’s dad, Bill Haney, angered Ryan Garcia during today’s final press conference by handing him a Psychology for Dummies book while at the podium, promoting Saturday’s fight in New York.

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Bill said that Ryan’s antics were designed to trick people into thinking he was crazy, but it didn’t work with Devin, who stayed focused and kept training hard for the title defense of his WBC light welterweight belt.

Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) didn’t like when Bill handed him the psychology book, because he immediately tossed it away. Bill’s ploy seemed to hit a nerve with Ryan, who didn’t like him using that tactic to promote the fight.

If Ryan’s antics are his true self, it’s understandable why he was angered by Bill.

Haney Camp Calls Out Garcia’s Mind Games

“While he’s continued to make you guys think that he’s something that he might be crazy or delusional,” said Bill Haney during today’s final press conference for his son Devin Haney’s fight against Ryan Garcia.

“I have a book for Ryan Garcia today, ‘Psychology for Dummies.’ Well, that’s what Kambosos did. You saw what happened to him,” said Bill after Ryan threw the book that was handed to him.

Bill Haney’s Warning: ‘Gloves Are Off’

“All these games that he thought he was playing on the people, but it didn’t work with me and Devin. We continued to stay focused. Come Saturday night, what I’m sending Devin to do to him shouldn’t be on TV.

Devin Haney isn’t a slugger, and it sounds unbelievable what Bill says about him coming to inflict punishment on Ryan because that’s not his style. Haney goes out of his way to avoid getting involved in firefights, and that’s not expected to change going up against Ryan.

“They have violated everything about boxing, including throwing the book and disrespecting the sport. For that, all gloves are off. If him and his team are what they say they are, come to the center of the ring. Don’t run because Devin is coming to do bodily harm to him,” said Bill.

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