At Turning Stone & Casino, Verona, New York, Friday over DAZN promoter Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) presented in the Main Event in his third title defense WBO Minimum champion Oscar ‘El Pupilo’ Collazo defeated Geraldo Zapata.

In the co-Main Event welterweight Eric Tudor scored an impressive first round knockout over ‘Hot Rod’ Roddricus Livsey.

In the Main Event WBO Minimum champ southpaw Oscar ‘El Pupilo’ Collazo, 10-0 (7), #104.7, of Newark, NJ, and Villalba, PR, easily defeated southpaw Gerardo Zapata, 14-2-1 (5), #104.2, of Managua, NIC, over 12 rounds.

In the first round both southpaws Collazo had his way for the most part in a duel of jabbing. In the second rounds final minute Collazo missed with a left and was rocked by a Zapata right on the chin and almost hit the canvas. In the third and fourth rounds Collazo came back well to easily take both rounds.

In the fifth round Zapata came back well while Collazo ended the round with a pair of hits on the chin of Zapata not enough to take the round. In the sixth round at the halfway point Collazo stunned Zapata with a right on the chin. Collazo chased Zapata throughout the round.

In the ninth round it was all Collazo having Zapata in trouble at the bell. In the tenth round Collazo looking for a stoppage knowing he is well ahead dominated the round.

In the eleventh round Zapata held his own getting a left punch in with a minute remaining that had Collazo coming right back with a combination. In the twelfth and final round well ahead Collazo did enough to take another round while Zapata seemed pleased to go the distance.

Scores 119-109 twice and 117-110.

Referee Benjy Esteves, Jr.

In the co-Main Event an impressive performance by Welterweight Eric Tudor, 11-1 (7), #146.2, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, knocked out ‘Hot Rod’ Roddricus Livsey, 12-3-1 (9), #147, of Atlanta, GA, at 2:19 of the first round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first round and impressive Tudor picked Livsey apart. Effective jabs followed by rights to the body. He moved without being hit avoiding anything Livsey threw. Suddenly a jab to the body followed by a right to the body and down went Livsey for the count from Referee Charlie Fitch. Tudor was moving down in weight for this fight.

Super Light ‘Marvelous’ Mykquan Williams, 21-0-2 (10), #139.1, of East Hartford, CT, knocked out southpaw Willmank Canonico, 12-6-2 (10), #140.3, of Caracas, VZ, Plane City, FL, at 2:57 of the second round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first two rounds Williams outworked Canonico. In the third round Williams throwing lead rights against southpaw of Canonico who had his moments until the final seconds when Canonico missed a left and Williams countered landing a right to the chin and down went Canonico for the count from Referee Mark Nelson.

Super Middleweight ‘Dynamite’ David Stevens, 14-1 (10), #167.3, Reading, PA, knocked out Sergio ‘Checho’ Lopez, 14-6 (10), #167.2, of Bueno Aires, ARG, at 2:13 of the second round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first round what a fight! Lopez hurt Stevens on several occasions. Stevens was coming off a first round knockout. Twice Stevens took Lopez to the canvas wrestling him down without a count from Referee Charlie Fitch. All of a sudden Stevens landed a left and followed by a right on the chin and down went Lopez for the full count.

Super Light Bryce Mills, 16-1 (5), #141.6, of Liverpool, NY, defeated Jose Marruffo, 14-14-2 (2), #141.6, of MEX, Phoenix, AZ, 6 rounds.

Scores 60-54 twice and 59-55.

Light Heavy Yair ‘Big Hands’ Gallardo-Lozano, 8-0 (7), #174.2, of Mexico City, MEX, stopped Michael ‘Hitman’ Ruiz, 7-3 (5), #174, of Arecibo, PR, 1:18 of the second round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round Gallardo showed his superior power with solid uppercuts to the chin of Ruiz. In the second round Gallardo was landing punch after punch without return from Ruiz when Referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. wisely stepped in calling a halt. The face of Ruiz was well battered with a cut on the left eyebrow.

Super Welter Sasha Tudor, 1-0-1 (1), #152.5, of Craiova, ROM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, stopped Manuel Moreira, 1-6 (0), #150, of Sheridan, WY, in the first round of a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the first round a three-punch combination from Tudor and down went Moreira causing Referee Charlie Fitch to give a count of nine before he got up. Tudor jumped on him with a flurry when the fight was stopped.

Ring Announcer Joe Martinez

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