At the Montreal Casino, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Thursday over ESPN+ promoter Camile Estephan (Eye of the Tiger) and Top Rank featured in the Main Event Steven ‘Bang Bang’ Butler was upset and stopped in the ninth round by Patrice Volney winning the WBC Francophone title.

(Photo credit Vincent Éthier)

In the co-main event, IBO World Super Middle champion Osleys Iglesias knocked out Evgeny Shvedenko in the first round.

In the main event, Steven ‘Bang Bang’ Butler, 34-5-1 (28), #160, of Montreal, Quebec, CAN, was upset and stopped by Patrice Volney, 19-1 (13), #159.2, of Montreal, Quebec, CAN, at 2:40 of the ninth round of a scheduled ten rounds for the WBC Francophone title.

In the first round, Butler controlled until the final twenty seconds when Volney landed half a dozen unanswered punches to possibly steal the round.

In the second round, the taller Volney used an effective jab against the aggressive Butler in a close round. In the third and fourth rounds, the action went back and forth, with Volney rocking Butler at the end of the fourth round, landing a right uppercut, knocking back the head of Butler in the final minute.

In the fifth round, Butler continued pushing Volney and finally got a warning from Referee Alain Villeneuve. The round ended with a right from Butler to the chin of Volney in another close round.

In the sixth round, as in previous rounds, Volney finished the stronger of the two. In the seventh round, the action picked up with Volney outworking Butler, who again was warned for using his forearm this time and swelling under his right eye. In the eighth round, Volney had the better of it when Butler landed a low blow at the bell.

In the ninth round, Volney had Butler in trouble holding on several times, landing half a dozen unanswered punches when referee Villeneuve waved it off. Butler pushed him in what may have been a premature stoppage, though Butler was in trouble.

In the co-main event, IBO World super middle champion southpaw Osleys Iglesias, 11-0 (10), #168, of Havana, CUB, Berlin, GER, knocked out Evgeny Shvedenko, 16-2-1 (7), #167 ¾, of Chekhov, Russia and San Mateo, CA, at 2:48 of the first round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

In the first round a lead right hook from southpaw Iglesias on the chin of Shvedenko who hit the canvas for the count.

Southpaw Olympian Arthur ‘The Wolf’ Biyarslanov, 15-0 (13), #139 ¾, of Russia, Toronto, Ontario, CAN, knocked out Elias Mauricio Haedo, 14-6 (10), #141 ¼, of Pilar, Bueno Aires, ARG, at 2:59 of the fourth round of a scheduled ten rounds, for vacant NABF Super Lightweight title.

In the first three rounds, southpaw Biyarslanov dominated Haedo. In the fourth round, a left to the body from Biyarvlanov dropped Haedo for the count from Referee Martin Forest.

Middle Shamil Khataev, 12-0-1 (3), #161 ¾, of Grozny, RUS, drew with Ramadan Hiseni, 18-1-2 (6), #161 ½, of Zurish SWZ, over ten rounds.

Light Jhon Orobio, 10-0 (9), #139 ¼, of COL, Montreal, Quebec, CAN, knocked out Jose de Leon Jasso, 13-5-1 (6), #139 ¼, of Torreon, Coahuila, de Zaragoa, MEX, in 2 rounds of a scheduled eight rounds.

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