Veteran Dereck Chisora says former WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury needs to bring back the “old, mean” version of himself for him to defeat undisputed champion Oleksandr Usyk in a rematch.

Chisora feels that Fury (34-1-1, 24 KOs) has become “Too soft,” and he thinks he needs to bring back the Fury that defeated Deontay Wilder twice in Las Vegas in 2020 and 2021.

Chisora Calls for “Old, Mean” Fury

“Bring the old Tyson back, the mean guy. Right now, Tyson is too soft. The Tyson we saw in Vegas [against Deontay Wilder] was a bad a**,” said Dereck Chisora to the media on what Tyson Fury must do to defeat Oleksandr Usyk in the rematch.

“There’s no more buzz about the rematch because the undisputed is done,” said Chisora when asked who wins the Fury vs. Usyk rematch. “The problem is when he’s in training, Sugarhill is gone. Sugarhill comes in the last three weeks. So that’s why,” said Chisora ahout Fury’s coach supposedly not being there during camp until the last three weeks.

“You can’t compare it. He won an Olympic gold medal in 2012, unified the cruiserweight championship, won the Muhammad Ali trophy and came up to heavyweight and destroyed everybody [he faced] at heavyweight,” Chisora said about Usyk.

Fury’s downfall against Usyk had nothing to do with him being “too soft” but with fighting someone who passed true world-class talent. The guys Fury had been fighting, they weren’t world-level fighters, and that helped him get to the top, albeit against limited opposition.

Fury was overruled and never proved himself to be a top fighter. So when Fury finally faced someone good in Usyk, he crumbled and needed to be bailed out by the referee in the ninth to keep from getting knocked out.

That version of Fury defeated Wilder because he is able to maul him for extended periods of time by wrestling, throwing illegal rabbit punches, and roughing him up. Fury tried to maul Usyk, but he would shove him away hard each time he attempted to.

“He beat me, he beat Tony [Bellew], he beat AJ, and he beat Fury. Who wants to go to war with those f*** now? The guy is a beast. He comes to the United Kingdom to school us,” said Chisora about Usyk.

When Usyk came to the UK, his opposition was Chisora, Bellew, and Joshua. The only good fighter out of the three was Joshua. You can’t count Bellew and the journeyman Chisora as being cutting-edge.

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