During a recent interview with ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game,’ David Benavidez discussed his long-standing desire to fight Canelo Alvarez. Benavidez, who is set to face Oleksandr Gvozdyk at 175 pounds on Saturday night, also mentioned Canelo’s 2018 positive test for the banned substance clenbuterol.

And Benavidez said that “the best version of Canelo was [fighting] off steroids,” and that he’s “not as good as everybody thinks.” Canelo was held to a draw by Gennady Golovkin in their first fight, while the rematch was some time in the making due to Canelo having to fight to clear his name; Canelo insisting he ate some tainted meat and that was why he tested positive for clenbuterol.

But Benavidez doesn’t buy it, with him saying he has been told that for Canelo to have tested positive from eating meat, he “would’ve had to eat the whole cow.”

“Well, look at this – I’m gonna throw another thing at you guys. When the greatest Canelo came out, the one that fought Triple G the first time, dude popped dirty for clenbuterol, bro,” Benavidez said. “Why do you think the second fight didn’t happen? For me, that was the best Canelo I’ve ever seen, but that was Canelo [fighting] off steroids. Everybody else that he’s fought….Amir Khan, Daniel Jacobs, Billy Joe Saunders, Caleb Plant, these guys are all weak, bro. So that’s why I see Canelo Alvarez and I think he’s not as good as everybody thinks. Because the best one was [fighting] off clenbuterol. That’s why he looked so good. He said that he ate meat that was tainted in Mexico. I’ve talked to people. They say that for him to test positive off a piece of meat he would’ve has to eat the whole cow.”

Benavidez may well anger Canelo to the extent that the Mexican star finally agrees to fight him, if Canelo hears about what Benavidez had to say, that is. All this time later, though, and there is a taint against Canelo’s good name for what happened in 2018. The cloud of suspicion will always be there for many fans, and for David Benavidez.

We will now look at Benavidez as a light heavyweight, perhaps a full-time 175 pounder. That said, Benavidez would almost certainly drop back down to 168 if Canelo called him out. Will this fight ever happen though?

Do you agree with Benavidez, on Canelo being the best Canelo as a result of taking clenbuterol?

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