Devin Haney came out of the woodwork today to finally speak about his loss to Ryan Garcia, saying his weight played a role in the outcome, and wanting a rematch at an “agreed weight.”

Haney says weight played a role in Ryan’s win, which indicates he’s trying to deflect fan criticism and minimize his defeat.

It’s weak on Haney’s part to use weight as an excuse for his 12-round majority decision defeat to Garcia (25-1, 20 KOs), given that he’s been heavier than many of his opponents in the last couple of years.

Weighty Excuses

  • Fan Backlash: People on social media say that Haney shouldn’t have taken the $1.5 million from Ryan for him coming in 3.2 lbs overweight if he thought it was going to be an unfair fight. He should have rejected that money and walked away from the fight.

Haney’s comment about wanting a rematch at an “agreed weight” suggests that he’s willing to fight Ryan over the 140-lb limit next time. With the money that Haney can make fighting Ryan again, he’s likely agree even if the weight was at 154.

Haney isn’t going to get the kind of dough fighting anyone else at 140 or at 147. None of the fighters at 140 are anywhere near as popular as Ryan Garcia, and Haney would likely lose to the top guys in the division.

Ryan created the blueprint for beating Haney using pressure, and the other fighters will follow it like a cookbook from now on.

Acknowledging the Loss, Sort Of

“Ryan, despite circumstances, was victorious that night, and that’s fine,” said Devin Haney on social media, talking about his loss to Ryan Garcia last Saturday night. “I do feel weight played a role in it.”

Haney needs to accept his loss with a stiff upper lip and not try to minimize it by saying weight played a role in his defeat against Ryan. It just makes Haney look pathetic.

Seeking a “Fair” Rematch

“I would love to run it back and give the fans a FAIR fight within an agreed weight,” said Haney, stressing the word “fair” in his comment, letting fans know that he feels Ryan had an unfair advantage over him last Saturday by coming in heavier at the weigh-in.

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