Devin Haney is skeptical about Ryan Garcia’s having had a hair test to clear him in defense of the allegations that he tested positive for the banned PED Ostarine during his victory over Dev last April. The conflicting results leave the outcome uncertain.

A Tiebreaker Needed

Ryan’s legal team announced today that they conducted a hair follicle test, which came up negative. In the eyes of many fans, this is enough to clear him. They believe it’s a contamination issue. It sounds like it’s a wash.

On the one hand, you’ve got a reported positive for Ostarine; on the other hand, it tests negative for that substance with the hair follicle test. It’s hard to argue with science.

Since it’s a tie, the New York Commission will need to decide on the tiebreaker to determine whether to give more weight to the urine sample collected by VADA that showed the Ostarine substance that Ryan tested positive for or go with the hair follicle test results, which were reportedly negative.

Devin Haney Camp Doubts Hair Test

“Ryan and his team knew he would test positive. That’s why they did a BS hair test on their own, which who really knows if they did it,” said Devin Haney on X.

It doesn’t matter if Haney doubts Ryan had the hair follicle test. The New York Commission that will be tasked with verifying if that test was conducted. If Ryan’s hair follicle test is legitimate and shows that he didn’t have Ostarine in his system, it’s a wash, as I said and it would be up to the New York Commission.

In this case do they just view it as a situation that can’t be determined accurately enough, and tell the two fighters to meet in a rematch and solve it that way?

Given how Haney was demolished last time put, he might not be keen to the idea of fighting Ryan again because he could finish off what’s left of his career.

A second loss for Haney would put him in a situation where he wouldn’t have an excuse to give to the fans unless Ryan comes in overweight, or they can come up with a conspiracy theory to muddy the water to confuse fans.

If you’re Haney, you should want a second bite at the apple because he needs to redeem him, and he can’t do that fighting anyone else in the division other than the fighter who humiliated him.

If Haney is just looking to make as much money as possible before he retires, Ryan is the guy he should be fighting. No one else at 140 will give him the same payday, and Haney would likely lose to all the top guys in the weight class because his punch resistance is low, and he has no power.


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