Edgar Berlanga continued his hustle today of trying to get a fight against Canelo Alvarez next in September.

Why Fans Are Angry

On Instagram, Berlanga posted a video of him singing Mexican songs, wearing a sombrero, and kissing the flag of Mexico in what fans feel on social media is a shameless move to get a multi-million payday against Canelo in September.

It looks bad because Berlanga (22-0, 17 KOs) has been maneuvered to the #1 WBA mandatory spot at 168 without fighting anyone talented.

Fans feel that if David Benavidez wasn’t able to get a fight against Canelo, Berlanga shouldn’t be either because he’s done far less in his career.

Berlanga’s Calculated Rise

Berlanga’s former promoters at Top Rank matched him against weak opposition, enabling him to knock out his first 16 opponents in the first round. He struggled when they moved him against C-level opposition, and his knockouts dried up.

Berlanga then left Top Rank and signed with Eddie Hearn, who has made it clear from the jump that he wants to match him against Canelo as soon as possible.

Berlanga has had two fights under the Matchroom banner, beating Jason Quigley and Padraig McCrory, and now he’s pushing for the Canelo fight after being given a #1 ranking with the WBA.

Berlanga Disregards Caleb Plant

“1000%. Puerto Rico vs. Mexico is the biggest fight this year,’ said Edgar Berlanga to LockedNLoaded when asked if he wants the Canelo Alvarez fight next. “I’m not worried about him [Caleb Plant]. Right now, we’re trying to make the biggest fight happen this year.”

“Edgar Berlanga is a talented fighter, but he’s gotten to the #1 ranking [with the WBA] without beating an ex-world champion, any 50-50 prospect fights. He’s just there. You know what that tells me? Somebody doesn’t have confidence in him, because they don’t want him to get beat before he gets to the big paycheck,” said trainer Stephen Edwards to MillCity Boxing about Edgar Berlanga, who is campaigning hard to be the next opponent for Canelo Alvarez to defend his undisputed title in September.

Expert Calls Out Berlanga

“He went over DAZN and didn’t fight the kid Diego Pacheco. When he was with Top Rank, he didn’t fight Jesse Heart,” said Edwards about promoter Eddie Hearn not matching Berlanga against his fighter Diego Pacheco, even though they’re both with Matchroom.

Hearn put Berlanga in with weaker fighters, Quigley and Padraig McCrory in what some fans feel is a calculated move to ensure he gets a big payday against Canelo. “I think his management has gone a good job with him, but I look at the pattern of what they’ve done with him.

“What I see is they haven’t built him up in a way where they’re trying to develop him. They’re building him up where they’re trying to get him paid [read: cash out]. If I think a fighter can’t beat certain fighters, I’m going to navigate him against them also.”

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