Shannon Briggs thinks both Deontay Wilder and Adrien Broner should continue their professional fighting careers. | Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Shannon Briggs shares his thoughts on a couple of recent losses from the faded stars.

Shannon Briggs takes some time to talk to Fight Hype about a couple of boxing stars who have noticeably diminished over the years and who many believe should hang up the gloves. Following Deontay Wilder’s most recent knockout loss and Adrien Broner’s hapless showing, Briggs thinks both should keep plugging away.

Briggs on Adrien Broner’s loss to Blair Cobbs

“It was a tough night for him but he got to try to get back on his feet and get back to work. There was years of him at the top, now it’s going to be years of him fighting his way to get back to the top.

“He better (fight again). He gonna have to unless he going to get a job, which is nothing wrong with that but he going to have to keep fighting.”

On Deontay Wilder’s loss to Zhilei Zhang and his future in the sport

“He needs to get some good training. He’s always fighting at the top level. I’ve always said after his losses to Fury, I’m curious to why he didn’t go to Alabama and do shows and pack ‘em out and fight B-level, C-level competition to get his confidence back.

“Bring it down a notch, pack (Tuscaloosa), pack it out. Go there, go to your town, man. Do a 2,000/3,000 seat arena, 1,500, pack it out. Fight every month. Have your people come support you and then when you’re ready, if you ever ready, come back. But end it how you want to end it.”

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