An amped-up looking Frank Martin promised today during the grand arrivals that he’s going to “whoop” WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ “a**” this Saturday night when the two meet in the headliner on PBC on Prime Video Pay-Per-View at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Martin’s Confidence and Determination

Martin (18-0, 12 KOs) looks like he means business with his prediction for Saturday night. He knows this is his big chance against the unbeaten favorite Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs). Whether this is artificial courage or the real thing is unknown. It doesn’t matter.

If Martin can’t back it up inside the ring on Saturday night, he will be just another notch on Tank’s belt.

The fans and the oddsmakers are predicting a victory for Tank, and many believe he’ll knock out Martin. That’s got to be a little bothersome for Martin, as he’s been accustomed to being the favorite in his past fights, and now he’s on the opposite end with virtually everyone counting him out.

“I’m locked in and focused. The whole goal was to come out here and beat him,” said Frank Martin to PBC at today’s grand arrivals in Las Vegas for his fight this Saturday night on Prime Video PPV against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

Martin was tight-lipped about his game plan for Saturday night, but it’s expected that he’ll take the fight to Tank and try to break him with pressure. He can’t afford to play it safe in this fight becaue that approach would doom him.

Sparring is Irrelevant

“I’m ready to take his spot, and I’m here for a reason. I’m not just here to be here. I’m here to take this s*** over,” Frank Martin continued. “I’m different. I got speed, I got power, I got IQ. I feel I got it all. Y’all going to see. When it’s time to bite down, the world is going to see.”

If Martin takes Tank’s spot at the top of the 135-lb division, he will get the last laugh and can do a lot of gloating afterward. He can also make tons of money in a rematch with Tank if the Baltimore native chooses to do that.

“It was just sparring,” said Martin when asked about the talk of what took place when he sparred Tank Davis in the past. “We got a fight Saturday, and I’m going to whoop his a**. The sparring doesn’t matter. That was years ago. We got Saturday to show who’s who on Saturday night,” said Martin.

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