The establishment of Ryan Garcia’s “B” samples as positive for the banned performance-enhancing substance will leave a permanent “shadow over what he did in that [Devin Haney] fight” … we see now there was something else that added to that power, that whipping left hook.”

Former welterweight champion and ProBox TV analyst Shawn Porter said that’s his conclusion from the Thursday findings from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) on the two-time title challenger whose April 20 split-decision triumph over WBC junior-welterweight champion Devin Haney now looks in grave danger of being overturned by the New York State Athletic Commission.

“Regardless of how much was in his system, it doesn’t matter,” ProBox TV and former 140-pound champion Chris Algieri said on Thursday’s episode of “Deep Waters.” “This is Ostarine. It’s a banned substance. It was there. It doesn’t matter if it helped you on fight night or not.

“The question is, ‘Was it in your system?’ You are responsible and accountable for it.”

Garcia submitted two test results that proved dirty – one on the day before the bout, when he weighed in a whopping three-plus pounds over the 140-pound limit and squandered his chance to win the WBC belt – and again on the day of the fight.

While Garcia’s attorneys said Thursday they’ve submitted hair and nail samples from Garcia that have been returned as “negative” for Ostarine, Haney’s supplement distributor and conditioning advisor Victor Conte argues hair/nail results for Ostarine does not exclude or overrule the presence of it in urine.

“(Garcia’s) lawyers are setting the stage for, ‘Was it on purpose?’ Because intent matters now,” Algieri said. “They have to prove it was accidental consumption.”

Haney’s attorney, Pat English, has written a letter to the New York commission, urging them to disqualify Garcia – which would make the outcome a victory for Haney and loss for Garcia. English said Garcia has “made a mockery” of commission rules.

“Deep Waters” analyst Paulie Malignaggi said he had no doubt the “B” sample was going to return as positive because it’s effectively “the same cup of piss.”

Porter said he believes it’s on Garcia, 25, to “confess to it,” and “accept the consequences.”

“If you’re a Christian, stand as a Christian at all times,” Porter said. “You’ve got to stand on who you are. … A lot of people are thinking, ‘You didn’t beat him.’”

How long Garcia will be suspended remains as the likely most pressing next piece of news from this matter. Malignaggi speculates Garcia will be sidelined “until he wants to fight next.”

“It’s a two-tiered legal system: It depends on who you are and how much money you’ve got,” Algieri said. “This is not really going to affect Ryan Garcia. Yes, it takes a win away, but Ryan Garcia doesn’t really care.

‘He can still say, ‘I kicked Devin Haney’s ass.’ He’s made a ton of money. It won’t matter to him if it was intentional or not. He’ll probably be back in the ring by the beginning of next year.”

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