Gary Antuanne Russell is picking WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney to successfully defend against his mandatory Sandor Martin if that fight takes place next.

Russell feels that Martin, 30, is the type who tries to steal rounds by fighting hard in the last thirty seconds rather than throughout. That won’t work against Haney, but we don’t know if he can handle Sandor’s punching power.

Ryan Garcia had Haney on the canvas six times last April and should have won the fight by a seventh-round knockout in the eyes of many fans. If Haney’s ability to take a hard shot has diminished from that fight, Sandor will knock him out.

That’s why Haney and his promoters must think hard before they decide to defend against Sandor.

Haney’s mandatory is due against Martin (42-3, 15 KOs), and the only way he can keep his WBC title is if he makes that defense next, unless he wants to give the Spaniard a step aside.

The World Boxing Council allowed Haney to keep his WBC title despite losing to Ryan Garcia on April 20th. It’s a bad look for the WBC organization to let Haney keep his belt, and it also makes Devin look like a fake champion, but he’s not going to give up the strap.

Russell’s Analysis of Haney vs. Martin

“If they were to fight, I’ve got Devin beating Sandor [Martin],” said Gary Antuanne Russell to Fighthype, picking Devin Haney to defeat his WBC mandatory Sandor Martin.

“Sandor doesn’t possess what Devin possesses. He’s jittery and stuff like that, but Devin has got more swag than Sandor. Sandor tries to hit and get out of there real quick. Put rounds in the bank real fast, and then hurry up and get out.”

It’s going to be hard for Sandor to defeat Haney because he doesn’t have much power, and he’ll be trying to outbox him. That won’t work. If you’re Sandor, it would be better to focus on trying to get a knockout.

“He’s the type of person who will come the last 30 seconds of the round. He’ll run a rally off and keep running punches and then hurry up and move. So the judges say, ‘Well, he won the last 30. 10-8.’” said Russell about Martin.

“I got the remedy for things, I’m telling you,” said Antuanne Russell when asked what happens to Haney if he fights him. I’m basically like a cheat code, almost. I’ve been up against fighters like Devin Haney.”

It’s questionable whether Russell will ever get a chance to fight Haney because he’ll likely move up to 147 by the time he’s his WBC mandatory.

“I’ve been up against fighters with brute strength that are relying on their power, and I’ve fought fighters that are long and rangy. The majority of my fights were against long and rangy opponents. So, it wouldn’t be anything out of the norm,” said Russell about him fighting Haney.

“I would just have to be laser-focused and do the productive and major things as far as making adjustments because I know they’re going to bring their physical best, and they’re going to come in there with the demeanor of being victorious,” said Russell.

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