Devin Haney has stopped gloating about his minor victory today with Ryan Garcia receiving a one-year ban by the New York State Athletic Commission and is now asking him to “run it back” for a rematch.

WBC 140-lb champion Haney seems to have come to his senses. He realizes that Ryan’s one-year ban isn’t good for him monetarily and that he needs to stop celebrating because it’s a true defeat.

There’s nothing good for Haney about Ryan being banned for a year because he gave him his biggest payday.

Playing Nice with the Moneymaker

Playing nice with Ryan is wise for Haney because the last thing he needs to do is alienate the young superstar at this low point in his life and burn bridges. Devin needs to see Ryan as a Canelo Alvarez-like fighter in terms of money, and it doesn’t pay to upset King Ryan when he’s the key to his biggest payday.

Haney says a rematch between him and Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) would be the “biggest fight in boxing,” which is wishful thinking. Devin’s market value is in the dirt after his loss to Ryan last April, and sitting out of the ring for a year won’t increase it.

Backtracking on Disqualification

Haney claims that he wouldn’t have wanted the New York State Athletic Commission to rule his fight with Ryan a disqualification because he wouldn’t want to pick up a win that way. But it was Haney’s team that was asking for a DQ.

Again, this indicates that Haney is trying to butter up Ryan, softening his tone so he’ll give him a rematch once his ban is up next year. I don’t think it will work, but you can’t fault Haney for at least trying. Ryan can see through Haney’s niceness act, and he’s already demanding his $1 million+ weight penalty back that he handed over.

Last Updated on 06/20/2024

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