Ryan Garcia is expected to have a second sample of his blood test today to confirm reports of a banned substance. | Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Ryan Garcia sits down with DAZN to discuss his feelings on the controversy surrounding his fight with Devin Haney.

Ryan Garcia should have a B-sample of his blood tested today after testing positive for a banned substance following his win over Devin Haney, but before that DAZN has released an interview with Garcia who talks about his feelings on controversy. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say down below.

“When I’m seriously talking about it I feel a little hurt and damaged by the accusations that are put on me because I know for fact that I’m not a cheater, never been a cheater,” Garcia said. “I’m dead hurt. I’ve put in so much work in my whole life, since I was seven years old, and it’s just one of my greatest victories is now being, you know, has a little bit of an asterisk because of a lie.

“A lie is a lie, the truth is the truth, and this is a lie. So I’m generally hurt. I cry at night sometimes knowing that they’re trying to taint my victory.

“It’s just utter bullshit. They found like a billionth, trillionth of a gram in my system — that’s even crazier. What would that do? And then Eddie Hearn pisses me off because he says ‘at the end of the day he had it in his system.’ Okay, okay…I know Devin Haney was your poster child for being the next Floyd Mayweather but I definitely debunked that. And how about you give me my credit and just be like ‘yo, he’s the best, bruh,’ You literally told me he was unbeatable.”

The result of Garcia’s B-sample should be made known soon, and in the meanwhile Haney has been petitioning the New York State Athletic Commission for a disqualification win on his record.

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