Deontay Wilder says he’s gone back to what put him in position to be a world champion in the first place. | Photo by Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Deontay Wilder takes on Zhilei Zhang on June 1 in Saudi Arabia.

Ahead on his June 1 fight against Zhilei Zhang, Deontay Wilder appeared on social media to talk to his supporters about getting back to his roots and becoming the beast in the ring we used to know him as. Check out some of what Wilder had to say during his on camera reflection.

“It’s been a real fun camp. It’s been exciting,” Wilder said. “I mean, my focus has been on point. My mindset has been on point. My aggression has been [laughs] off the chart, and I’m ready to go. I could say a lot of things but on June 1st it’s going to be the revealing, and everyone going to be the witness of what I’m saying.

“I feel like I’m ready, sound like I’m ready, I look like I’m ready in all aspects of it, you understand me? It’s been a long journey for me.

“I had to sit back and talk to God and he told me, he said ‘why are you trying to modify what I’ve already built for you? I have already made you great, why are you trying to modify greatness? I got you where you needed to be. I got you to the top, why are you trying to modify greatness because if I wanted to make you the same as others, I would have done that.’

“So he made me different, he didn’t make me like everybody else. And I appreciate that. So I had to go back to what got me to where I needed to be, what got me to that place in the first place, but here I am trying to satisfy others in the midst of my moments while all along I was making mistakes and didn’t even understand it.

“I’m going back, you understand me? But we’ll see, like I said, June 1st, 11 days away…I’m back. I got to go get what’s mines.”

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