Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall nearly brawled ahead of their rematch | Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall nearly brawled ahead of their rematch.

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall may not have any world title belts to fight for, but there’s a serious bit of heat between the two rivals ahead of their long overdue April 27 rematch.

The two nearly came to blows at multiple press events this week, including today with Catterall (28-1, 13 KO) in front of a home crowd and Taylor (19-1, 13 KO) egging on those pro-Catterall fans.

Both fighters brought a confrontational attitude to the affair, just over two years after their extremely controversial fight in Feb. 2022, where Taylor won what many considered one of the worst robberies in recent memory.

“They’ve said it’s the England versus Scotland narrative, but it’s more just me fighting a prick,” Catterall said. “He’s just not a nice person.”

“Did you think of that all by yourself, Jack?” Taylor teased. “Your one brain cell that you’ve got. Get back to your crayons.”

More from Josh Taylor:

“He couldn’t beat me the first time, certainly ain’t gonna beat me this time, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a long two years coming. We tried to get the fight done straight away, it didn’t happen. But we’re here now and we’re going to settle the score.”

“It’s a crossroads (fight). When I beat him this time again, he’s got nowhere to go. He’ll retire with no belts, never being world champion.”

On Catterall predicting a knockout: “Of course he’s gonna think that, but he’s never knocked out anyone in his life, no one credible.”

“I end Jack Catterall’s career, one that never got going and he’ll never be a world champion.”

More from Jack Catterall:

“It gets the juices flowing. It’s been talked about for the last two years. It’s good to have the date locked in and I’m ready to settle it.”

On Taylor saying he has never knocked anyone out: “We’ve got the same amount of knockouts. (He’s) just thick.”

“It’s must-win. In nine weeks’ time, we get to put him to bed.”

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