Lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis had a field day today, roasting Devin Haney over the way he’s “tripping” on the drug test, and saying he doesn’t want a rematch with Ryan Garcia after losing to him last April.

Keyshawn sees it hilarious that Haney is acting like he’s calling the shots after losing to Ryan, and not fully grasping the reality of his situation. He’s acting like he won the fight.

Fan Backlash and Accusations of Backdoor Tactics

On social media, fans believe Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) is using drug testing, and Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) is coming in overweight to weasel a victory. They don’t respect that approach at all, viewing it as a weak, backdoor approach to getting a win from his fight against Ryan.

It doesn’t help that fans already view Haney as being given a gift decision over Vasily Lomachenko in 2023 in a fight many felt he lost. Also, fans see it as rich that Haney is making a big production about Ryan coming in heavy for their fight when he’s looked huge compared to his opponents in many of his past fights.

Keyshawn Davis’ Perspective

“He got Devin Haney tripping on the drug testing. He got Devin Haney saying he don’t want to rematch Ryan Garcia,” said Keyshawn Davis to the Fighthype YouTube channel. “Since when did the [guy] that got knocked out says he don’t want a rematch? It’s like he’s calling the shots.

“I’m trying to figure this s*** out. He got knocked out and got on ESPN and said, ‘I don’t want a rematch him because we see what he’s capable of.’ You’re damn right, and big capable, too. Capable of doing it on your lame a**.

“You should be putting respect on my [guy’s] name and me too. I thought Ryan Garcia was going to get his a** whooped. Ryan Garcia, he f**** us all up. Ryan Garcia beat his a** so bad that night, he f*** us all up. We could not beat that s***. The whole boxing world couldn’t beat that.

“The [people] didn’t even have nothing to do with the fight and didn’t know about the fight, heard about the fight. That s*** was all on Google. I seen pictures of [Haney’s] face like this, getting punched,” said Keyshawn.

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