Keyshawn Davis views IBF lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko as too “fragile” to defeat Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis if the two fight later this year in November.

Lomachenko (18-3, 12 KOs) is one of the fighters that Tank Davis (30-0, 28 KOs) is considering for his next fight after destroying Frank Martin by an eighth-round knockout last Saturday night in Las Vegas.

The unbeaten lightweight contender Keyshawn feels that the 36-year-old Lomachenko would have had a chance of beating Tank three years ago, but not now. He feels too old.

Lomachenko’s Fragility

Keyshawn doesn’t say where he came up with the idea that Lomachenko is “fragile” because he hasn’t been knocked out or dropped in any of his fights. Of Lomachenko’s three defeats, he could have won all of them.

“I definitely got Tank. I feel Lomachenko is smaller, he’s fragile, he’s older, and he’s on his way out,” said Keyshawn Davis to the Sean Zittel YouTube channel when asked about his thoughts on Vasily Lomachenko being rumored to be the next opponent for Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in November.

Tank gave away a lot of rounds against Frank Martin last Saturday night, and if he does the same thing against Lomachenko, he’s going to have a harder time luring him in for one of his knockout blows.

“He has all the skills and ability to beat Tank maybe three years ago, but three years is a lot of years in boxing years,” said Keyshawn about Lomachenko. “I don’t think he’ll be able to beat Tank, but it’ll be a hell of a fight for sure, but I see Tank most likely stopping him.”

Tank might need to stop Lomachenko to win because he’s not going to outbox him, that’s for sure. He doesn’t possess the skills to beat Lomachenko in a boxing match, and he could lose every round of the fight. He would need for his power to bail him out like it did in his fights against Frank, Leo Santa Cruz, and Ryan Garcia.

Tank’s Slow Starts a Concern

“Putting things in perspective of Tank vs. Frank, both of them being southpaws, and Tank losing those first five or six rounds against a lesser southpaw,” said Keyshawn. “If you’re going into a fight with Shakur Stevenson, you cannot do that.”

It’s difficult to picture Shakur winning a decision against Tank Davis because he would be moving too much to impress the judges. Even if Tank only lands two or three hard blows each round, that would be enough for him to win because the shots that Shakur would be landing would be keep away variety.

Shakur would be landing a light shot, and then dashing away like he did in his fights against Edwin De Los Santos and Jeremiah Nakathalia.

“You’re not just going to walk him down and knock him out,” said Keyshawn about Tank not being able to walk Shakur down. “I feel if Tank comes out and fights slow against Shakur, it’s going to be a fairly easy night for Shakur. But if Tank comes out and steps on the gas and just fights him, then it’s going to be a harder fight for the both of them.”

Shakur moves too much for Tank Davis to knock him out, but he’d still win because the movement would turn off the judges, who wouldn’t be willing to give the decision to a pure runner. Stevenson didn’t deserve a win in his last fight against De Los Santos, and he would have lost if that fighter were more popular.

“Of course, I’m going to go for Shakur. I think he’s going to win either way whether he comes out strong or comes out lesser. But I just feel that if he [Tank] comes out like he did against Frank or against any of his other opponents, just taking hits and starting off slow, I just feel like you can’t do that with Shakur. That s*** is not going to work,” said Keyshawn,

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