In an evening that could have been billed as a comic tragedy rather than a fight, former WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie (20-1, 14 KOs) turned what was supposed to be a championship bout into a farcical sideshow, effortlessly demolishing the untested and comically overhyped WBC Bridgerweight champion Lukasz Rozanski (15-1, 14 KOs). This short-lived debacle, which graced the canvas of Rzeszow, Poland, wrapped up quicker than the average sitcom episode, with three knockdowns in the first round that culminated at the 2:55 mark amid a crowd buzzing with disbelief and mockery.

After being floored by a clean right hand, Rozanski’s immediate scramble to claim an illegal blow was as pitiful as it was unsuccessful. The replay blatantly showed Okolie’s punch landing squarely on target, tearing apart any shred of credibility Rozanski hoped to cling onto. It was less of a fight and more of a public shaming by Okolie, who seemed to relish every moment of the swift demolition.

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From the get-go, Okolie displayed a caliber of brutality that Rozanski was hilariously unprepared for. After a devastating right hand initially sent Rozanski sprawling, a follow-up uppercut sealed the deal, confirming the mismatch in grand style. This was an outright obliteration. The Okolie once known for clinching and flailing had vanished, replaced by a figure of sheer dominance, evidently unchallenged by his supposed rival.

Rozanski stepped into the ring with a padded record, having never truly been tested against a worthy opponent. At 38, his past victories, or lack thereof, finally caught up with him under the harsh glare of a genuine challenge. What was revealed was a fighter not just past his prime but quite possibly one who had never encountered a genuine prime to begin with.

With this beatdown behind him, Okolie now sets his sights on the heavyweight division, where real challenges and real paychecks await. The bridgerweight class, devoid of both talent and excitement, served merely as a comedic interlude to his burgeoning career. Meanwhile, for Rozanski, a retreat back to obscurity seems the only path forward, to a place where expectations are as minimal as the stakes.

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Other results:

Fiodor Czerkaszyn (23-1-0) showcased his ‘talents’ by taking out Jorge Cota (31-6-0) in the seventh round of a super middleweight clash, ending what was less a contest and more a practice session at 2:52. Leszek Jankowiak officiated the mismatch.

Jan Czerklewicz (12-1-0) managed a unanimous decision victory over Paul Valenzuela Cuesta (28-11-0) in a super middleweight match that seemed longer than a tax audit. Judges delivered scores of 79-73, 80-72, and 79-73 with Pawel Kardyni overseeing the paperwork.

Ihosvany Rafael Garcia (12-0-0) knocked out Lukasz Plawecki (7-1-2) in the second round of their light heavyweight bout, ending the charade at 0:40. Referee Arek Malek and his crew had barely started watching.

Tobiasz Zarzeczny (5-0-0) scraped a unanimous decision against Daniel Przewieslik (3-13-2) in a four-round super middleweight bout that tested the audience’s patience more than the fighters’ skills. Judges scored it 39-37, 40-36, and 40-36, all under the watchful eye of a possibly dozing Pawel Kardyni.

Kamil Slendak (1-1-0) scored a TKO victory over Daniel Plonka (1-0-0) in the second round of a cruiserweight encounter that questioned the very standards of professional boxing. Referee Pawel Kardyni called it a day, presumably to everyone’s relief.

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