The Mets organization reportedly chose not to allow Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney to throw out the first pitch following their violent incident on top of the Empire State Building.

Haney’s Shove: A Marketing Misfire

Garcia and Haney were going to throw out the first pit at the New York Mets game against the Pittsburgh Pirates today at Citi Field, but the organization canceled those plans.

According to Chris Mannix on X, the New York Mets officials “didn’t want to risk an incident on the field” after Haney and Ryan were involved in a violent incident today atop the Empire State Building. The Mets wanted to avoid the potential for further violence.

There was the shoving incident and Devin’s dad, Bill Haney, talking about how Dev might “kill” Ryan on Saturday. Talk about throwing fuel on a fire. Why did Bill say that?

Lost Opportunity, Lost Revenue

Haney violently shoved Ryan in the face during a face-off, reacting to some trash talk. In hindsight, that shove by Haney messed things up for him and Ryan, as it would have helped increase badly needed ticket sales for the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and boosted the buys on DAZN PPV.

This was a bad move by Haney, who ruined things by acting out instead of controlling his emotions. This is not the right way for Haney to get people interested in his fights. Haney sabotaged things, which was a costly move.

This is not a good thing for Ryan Garcia, Haney, DAZN, and Golde Boy Promotions to lose out on the opportunity to gain publicity at a Mets-Pirates game, which was likely televised in the New York area.

It’s unclear if Ryan and Haney both planned the scuffle atop the Empire State Building. If they both came up with this to sell tickets and bring in PPV buys on DAZN, then they’re guilty.

Haney Needs an Image Overhaul

If this was a scripted deal between Ryan and Garcia to get fans’ interest in their fight, it was foolish. That junk doesn’t sell fights, as fans already see it as fake.

Devin shoved Vasily Lomachenko last year during a face-off, pushing him hard enough to whiplash his head.

Haney can afford a PR guy with his money who can come up with good ideas to help promote without him needing to shove his opponents during face-offs. There are better ways to promote fights than shoving. Strangely, Haney didn’t learn from his violent shoving incident last year with Lomachenko. Is he just not getting it, or what?

Haney’s Support System: Is Bill Helping or Hurting?

Devin’s dad, Bill, does a lot of the talking for him, but he should get a public relations team to help him. Bill’s trash talk doesn’t connect with everyone because he tends to veer off-topic, talking about stuff that has nothing to do with his son.

Bill talking about Devin killing Ryan on Saturday. He’s not he’s not helping to promote his son’s fights with that kind of wacky talk.

If Haney is going to become a star, he needs someone who knows what they’re doing to help market his fights. He can’t depend on his dad or his shoving of opponents to create interest in his career.

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