More bad news for former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Just days after his perhaps career-ending KO loss to Zhilei Zhang, 38 year old Wilder’s relationship with his former fiance has certainly come to an end – an ugly end. As was first reported by TMZ Sports and has since been picked up by multiple news outlets, Wilder’s fiance, Telli Swift, has been granted a temporary restraining order against the (former?) fighter.

Swift alleges that Wilder, with whom she started dating back in 2015, has choked her “at least five times,” and that he has abused her in other ways and has spat on her. Swift alleges Wilder almost suffocated her with a pillow during an especially heated and nasty argument. Also, in graphic language, Swift alleges Wilder expected her to have sex with him “three times a day.”

The couple will meet in court later this month but for now, Wilder must stay at least 100 yards away from not only Swift, but also from their young daughter. Wilder has yet to respond to these accusations.

This is a terrible fall from grace for Wilder – if he is found guilty, and we must stress IF he is found guilty. Wilder’s ring career is currently in tatters, while his relationship with his daughter is now in bad shape. It would of course be interesting (although this whole story really is none of our business; the issues between the two to be dealt with in court, not the court of public opinion) to get Wilder’s side of the story. After all, there are always two sides to any story.

But as of right now, Deontay Wilder’s world looks to have come crashing down around him. Sad is not the word.

“I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past,” Swift said in a statement.

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