Otto Wallin was all set and supposed to fight Dillian Whyte back in October of 2021, only for Whyte to pull out of the fight with an injury. Wallin was angry, while Whyte went into a far bigger fight with Tyson Fury. Now, Sweden’s Wallin wants to reschedule a date with Whyte. And as a comeback fight for Wallin, who is looking to bounce back after his stoppage loss to Anthony Joshua, a fight with Whyte makes sense.

Wallin, beaten only by Fury and AJ (two fighters who have also beaten Whyte), told Boxing Social that he and Whyte have some unfinished business.

“Dillian Whyte is the perfect name, I think. I want to fight him and you know – he’s coming back now. We have a little bit of history with the other fight he pulled out of,” Wallin said. “I would love to fight him. I think he is a great opponent for me. The right time. I would love that fight. I think that it’s a great style for me. He’s not the fastest guy, pretty slow on his feet. I think as long as I can use my advantages, I think I take him to school.”

Wallin suffered a heavy stoppage loss against Joshua and it will be interesting to see how much he has left at this stage of his career. Then again, how much has Whyte got left? This possible match up is not the biggest fight out there, but it could prove to be a good one, and would perhaps make for a great fight on a stacked card. Might Whyte and Wallin get themselves some of the big Saudi money that is currently on offer?

As a supporting fight on the planned September bill at Wembley, that will be topped by Joshua, Whyte Vs. Wallin makes sense. Neither man figures to have too much time left, but a win over the other would perhaps move the victor into another big fight.

Wallin pushed Fury hard when he fought him, while Whyte is always fun to watch. Who wins this one if it does happen?

Whyte is currently 30-3(20), while Wallin, the younger man by three years at age 33, is currently 26-2(14).

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