Devin Haney is the only P4P fighter in action for April after a slow March | Photo by Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/Getty Images

It was a nothing month for pound-for-pound talk, but the schedule picks up soon.

Bad Left Hook Pound-For-Pound Top 10

April 2024

The voters: Scott Christ, Wil Esco, John Hansen, Patrick Stumberg, and Lewis Watson

Others Receiving Votes: Jaron “Boots” Ennis 5, David Benavidez 2, Geronta “Tank” Davis 1

Upcoming Ranked: (6) Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia, Apr. 20 … (8) Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia, May 4 … (1) Naoya Inoue vs Luis Nery, May 6 … (3) Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson Fury, May 18 … (4) Dmitry Bivol vs (5) Artur Beterbiev, June 1 … (7) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez vs Juan Francisco Estrada, June 29

Scott Christ

(1) Naoya Inoue, (2) Terence Crawford, (3) Oleksandr Usyk, (4) Dmitry Bivol, (5) Artur Beterbiev, (6) Devin Haney, (7) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, (8) Junto Nakatani, (9) Kenshiro Teraji, (10) Canelo Alvarez

I hope you’re excited to read four guys finding different ways to say “nothing happened in March in a pound-for-pound discussion.”

We have Haney vs Garcia this month before the schedule really kicks up in May and June. We’ll have Inoue, Canelo, Usyk,

Wil Esco

(1) Terence Crawford, (2) Naoya Inoue, (3) Oleksandr Usyk, (4) Dmitry Bivol, (5) Artur Beterbiev, (6) Jaron “Boots” Ennis, (7) Canelo Alvarez, (8) Devin Haney, (9) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, (10) Kenshiro Teraji

Status quo for me this month as I don’t think any fights of P4P significance took place over the last month. Terence Crawford still holds the top spot for me and hopefully he’ll have something concrete lined up soon.

It stinks to see the relative inactivity coming from some of the most elite talents we have in the sport, but with all the landscape changes and whatnot, hopefully we’ll get things to ramp back up soon. It’s also perfectly reasonable to be cynical on that front, so fingers crossed.

John Hansen

(1) Naoya Inoue, (2) Terence Crawford, (3) Oleksandr Usyk, (4) Dmitry Bivol, (5) Artur Beterbiev, (6) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, (7) Devin Haney, (8) Kenshiro Teraji, (9) David Benavidez, (10) Junto Nakatani

No changes. Other than maybe Tim Tszyu, I can’t think of anyone in the neighborhood of the P4P conversation that even fought in March. No disrespect to the Nathan Heaney fans out there.

At least April gives us a Devin Haney fight! Hooray? Man, what a slow start we’ve had to the boxing year.

Patrick Stumberg

(1) Naoya Inoue, (2) Terence Crawford, (3) Oleksandr Usyk, (4) Canelo Alvarez, (5) Dmitry Bivol, (6) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, (7) Artur Beterbiev, (8) Junto Nakatani, (9) Devin Haney, (10) Kenshiro Teraji

No real movement this month from either the top 10 or the fringe contenders. April, May, and June figure to be plenty busy, at least; odds are we’ll see some significant shake-ups before long.

Lewis Watson

(1) Naoya Inoue, (2) Terence Crawford, (3) Oleksandr Usyk, (4) Devin Haney, (5) Artur Beterbiev, (6) Dmitry Bivol, (7) Canelo Alvarez, (8) Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, (9) Kenshiro Teraji, (10) Gervonta Davis

Not enough action in March to move the P4P needle. Haney’s lofty ranking is buffered by the eye test – if (big if) the Garcia fight happens on April 20 then the argument could be stronger post-fight. Or weaker. Guess that’s the whole point.

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