Frank Martin challenges Gervonta Davis on June 15. | Fight Hub TV

Frank Martin says he’s in a blessed position to be able to fight a big name on a big stage to enhance his career.

As Frank Martin nears his June 15 fight date in Las Vegas, headlining against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, Martin spends a few minutes talking to TMZ about his thoughts on the fight and why he’s ready to seize the moment.

Martin on how he’s feeling heading into the fight

“I’m feeling good, man. Just tapering down. You know, we got about two weeks so we’re tapering down and we sharp but just being on point mentally. That’s the main thing.”

On what challenges Tank poses for him

“I feel like he pose a lot of challenges. He a balanced fighter, a well-rounded fighter, so he gonna bring the best out of me.”

On how he becomes the first to beat Tank

“I feel like I got a lot of things that him, the world, a lot of people might not expect that I got. So I’m just ready to go in there and capitalize off the moment.”

On being the underdog in the matchup

“That shit embraced. You know, like I say ‘bet with me, win with me.’ That shit is one of those things, like I embrace it. I’m eating off of it, it’s fueling me, so it is what it is. It ain’t going to change so I just got to go out there and do the unexpectable.”

On what a win over Tank would do for his career

“It means everything. You know, this moment don’t come by like that for a lot of fighters. So me getting it and me being able to change the seat, get in that seat, it’s a blessing to be able to have that type of opportunity.”

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